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Museum of Erotica G-spot

The first Russian and the largest adult museum in the world has opened in Moscow this summer. Red walls, huge painted phalluses, erotic pictures everywhere - it's the first that bursts upon the eye. The museum offers us a big collection of art works: paintings, statuettes, photos, sex toys and many other things. You can find different things for practical use in the sex shop of the museum. The sellers are unobtrusive and don't irritate visitors with annoying questions and advices as in usual small intimate shops. You can feel yourself free here and take photos of any objects. The shop is really big and full of toys, erotic underwear and souvenirs, shoes on a huge platform, Russian dolls BDSM with painted bust, vibrators of all forms, sizes and colors, which can be used either for personal use or as a gift. Here you can find s&m clothes, leather masks with thorns, lashes as well as costumes for role-playing (a police uniform or a costume of Little Red Cap (for example). You'll see many erotic things for the first time.

Also, at the museum you will see paintings by Vera Donskaya-Khilko, which illustrate naked show-business stars and politics, such as the famous Russian singer - Alla Pugacheva, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, different Russian actors - Renata Litvinova and Fyodor Bondarchuk. All the pictures are for sale. It is hard to understand their meaning withour the author's explanation. So you can find explanatory notes at some of the pictures. For example, Vera Donskaya-Khilko explains the sense of the painting "Rublev highway" (see the photos): "A woman in Art is a symbol of the country. Russia is dying out, and I painted 13 women in the picture. This number means death. The 13th woman in the line is Alla Pugacheva. It is not by chance. Her last name associates with a rebellion (Yemelyan Pugachev was a pretender to the Russian throne and led a great Cossack insurrection during the reign of Catherine II) and the color of her first name is scarlet ("ally" in Russian). This color was a symbol of the country, which doesn't exist anymore. I mean the USSR".

Besides, there is a small cinema at the museum, where you can watch the film "Sex in the USSR".

Also, you can see ancient Chinese, Indian and Japanese engravings, chesses with erotic fugures, ancient sex toys and phallic symbols of different countries and eras, sculptures of copulating bees, pangolins and tortoises.

Entrance fee: 500 rubles.
Working hours: 12:00-24:00
Address: 15, Novy Arbat Street - 

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