Art Svoboda 1.0: Usadba Jazz anniversary to bring music and theatre together

The first of nine events will be held on 27 January.
On 27 January, the Theatre of the Nations’ New Space will host the first concert of the live performance series called Art Svoboda, which is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Usadba Jazz festival. There, the musical group Moshchee and the electronic duo Drojji will play a joint set full of “musical shamanism.”

“One of my major principles is to share my inner world with others,” said Maria Semushkina, founder of the Usadba Jazz festival. “This resulted in the creation of the project called Art Svoboda. Here people can enjoy the most experimental, avant-garde musical art that brings together not only musicians, but also artists, choreographers, dancers, performers, video art experts and even shamans.”

Moshchee is an avant-garde musical group from Moscow that was formed in 2016 by Valentin Grudsky (drums) and Mikhail Barkovsky (daxophone). Drojji is an electronic duo from Moscow, a project founded by two improvising musicians, Felix Mikensky and Andrei Guryanov.

The idea behind the Art Svoboda 1.0 project is to bring together representatives of creative industries, theatre and music.

Art Svoboda 1.0 is a series of events that will be held ahead of the 15th anniversary of Usadba Jazz festival. It is the complete freedom of expression of musicians working in various genres together with the brightest representatives of modern art in its many forms: from performances and art objects to video art and immersive shows.

The event starts at 7.30 pm. To purchase tickets, visit.