Interactive museum complex "Buran" at VDNH

In the museum you can not only watch the film about the legendary rocket planes, but also control its landing at the Baikonur launch complex in real time mode. 


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The excursion trip begins in the cinema, where the visitors of the museum will be shown a film about the history of Russian space shuttle. The cinema is located in a separate pavilion built specially for this purpose in front of "Buran" model. The scale of the space project is amazing. The film tell about the creation of the "Buran", 12 years of work of more than 2.5 million engineers, designers and scientists working on 1,300 enterprises! For the construction of Buran 80 new materials were invented. Special ceramic tile on the skin of the rocket plane withstood the passage of the ship through the dense atmosphere and prevented it burning! The space ship literally came out of the fire safe and sound. 

Then the visitors get inside the ship along the corridors resembling a transition sleeve from the spaceport to the board of the aircraft. Here they get familiar with the construction of "Buran" and its peculiarities. 

Once on board of the rocket plane, the visitors will get acquainted with the history of "Buran": they have an opportunity to compare the American Space Shuttle and its Soviet counterparts - projects 305-2, OC-120, DC-92 and "Buran". The history of "Buran" is presented in details on special screens with touchscreen technology. You press the picture of the ship and more detailed information on the object of interest with all the pictures pops up on the screen. This technology is used in the London Transport Museum and Munich Museum of BMW. 

The culmination of the tour is the visit to the bow of the ship where in the upper tier the command module of «Buran" with a dashboard and astronaut armchair is reconstructed. His role is played by a mannequin in a spacesuit of "Swift" type. On the lower tier of the bow of the ship the role of the pilot of the space shuttle can be played by one of the tourists! Here, the test pilots have a unique opportunity to land "Buran" at Baikonur launch site from the height of 80,000 meters. When landing the ship, you can see how rounded shape of the planet gets closer and closer. Blue expanse of the oceans is being replaced by a dark solid ground in Kazakhstan. After landing the plane, on left on the runway one can see the fighter passing by. The program fully emulates real landing of the ship on November 15, 1988. 

After leaving the bow compartment of "Buran" the visitors are going back to the pavilion where the tour began and lasted 45 minutes by means of the glazed transition. 
Please note that the access to the interactive museum "Buran" is only possible as part of a tour group of 16 people. The groups are formed every 20 minutes in the hall of the museum. 

PLACE: The area near the pavilion #20. 
TIME: Interactive museum complex "Buran" is open to visitors every day except for Monday, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The Duration of the tour is 45 minutes. Visit to IMC "Buran" is only possible as part of a tour group of 16 people. Groups are formed every 20 minutes in the hall of the museum. The last group enters at 8:00 p.m. 
COST: Adults - 500 rubles, children from 6 to 12 years, students and pensioners - 250 rubles, children up to 6 years old orphans left without parental care, the disabled, veterans and members of families with many children until the youngest child is 16 years old - free of charge.