New cableway to link two city districts on both sides of Khimki reservoir

Cableways may become another piece in the public-transit system puzzle in the next three years, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Natalia Sergunina told participants at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

This summer we will launch a cable car system between Vorobyovy Gory (Hills) with the Luzhniki Olympic Complex.

Next, the city will build a cableway between the Skhodnenskaya and Rechnoi Vokzal metro stations. The new transport system will link two districts on both sides of Khimki reservoir and will reduce travel time from 45 to seven minutes.

The new cableway will reduce the load on the metro’s Zamoskvoretskaya and Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya lines as well as on surface transit in the area. Hallways will link metro stations with the cableway entrances, and these cableways will carry up to 19,000 people daily.

Tourists will also be attracted to them.

The project will be a public-private partnership. An investor will develop and use the project’s assets, with the city owning them.

“It will take about four billion roubles’ worth of investment to build this new transport facility. The city will own the cableway, and the investor will lease the facility for 22 years,” Ms Sergunina noted.