Dry dancing fountain to open at Luzhniki during 2018 FIFA World Cup

A pedestrian dry fountain will open at the Luzhniki sports complex. During the day, it will work in a “dancing mode”, with waterjets of various heights shooting from underground, some slower, some faster, resembling a waltz. After nightfall, the water’s dancing steps will be illuminated by a colourful light show. The fountain will be turned on for the first time after the 2018 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

“The dry fountain is under construction, near Vorobyovy Gory metro station, opposite the Luzhniki multifunctional swimming centre (24 Luzhniki Street). We are currently assembling its water bowl. Unlike standard fountains, it is assembled underground, below the pavement,” Luzhniki’s spokesperson said.

The 324-square-metre water bowl will have 144 waterjets, each 2.5metres high. Several hundred lightbulbs will be installed in the fountain’s base to light it up. Every 10 seconds, they will change colour, from cold white to bright neon hues and back.

“We hope that our pedestrian dry fountain will become a favourite attraction among Muscovites and tourists. Of course, it is impossible to swim in it on a hot day, but you may run among the waterjets and try not to get wet,” the spokesperson added.

The fountain is set to launch in test mode in early June. It will open permanently after the World Cup opening ceremony. The first match of the championship, Russia vs. Saudi Arabia, will take place at 6 pm on 14 June at Luzhniki.

Last summer, there were 594 fountains in Moscow.

Source: mos.ru