Novodevichy Convent

You will see the best view if the pond will be between you and the monastery. Your eyes will be fixed on that beautiful sight. And if you go round the pond, the view will be beautiful from every side. If you come closer to the convent on the bridge, you will be cloaked in spirit of the history. You will feel something ancent, misterious and unknown, something different: other people lived here, other laws, no shining skyscapers and noisy roads - different life, diffrent world. And it is in front of you - a piece of the past and other life, which was saved by a miracle and has remained intact to this day. So don't delay your trip and use the first opportunity to see that wonderful sight.

Near the convent there is a small alley with many benches. At night you can see many round white and yellow lanterns there, which create a wonderful picture: the poles are invisible in the darkness and it seems like those round shining balls are just hanging above the ground. It is very miraculously and mysteriously :) An ideal place for dates or quiet walks with children.

There is an unusual monument in the alley dedicated to a family of ducks: eight ducks are following their mother in one line.

Also, there is a tower of wishes there. The stepsisters of Peter the First, Sophia Alekseyevna, was kept in the strictest seclusion and died in the convent, after the Streltsy attempted to reinstate her in the Kremlin during Peter's absence from the country. That is why people write some notes to her on the wall of the round tower, asking her for help in different life situations.

And, finally, you can see shining skyscrapers from the hill near the tower.

Author of the article and photos: prevedva