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The Photo Exhibition of Howard Buffett

Until October 21, you have a chance to visit a personal exhibition of Howard Buffett - a famous American social activist, philanthropist, defender of wildlife and talented photographer. Howard Buffet is the eldest son of the billionaire investor Warren Buffett, whose fortune has been estimated at 47 billion U.S. dollars this year, and a heir to the richest investment empire and one of the most respected names in the USA. Howard Buffett is also a significant figure in the world of photography. His works, created in 95 different countries around the whole world in the period from 1997 to 2011, broaden our outlook and help us to discover new pictures of life, which affect the most important global problems of the present.

The main content of Howard Buffett 's photos, who visited more than 100 countries, is exploration of the relationship between people and their environment - both natural and social one. The works, included in the exhibition, show us all the ambiguity of the world.

A part of the photos is dedicated to a diverse and weird wildlife: enchanting landscapes, photographs of wild animals, portraits of indigenous people in Africa, India and Papua (New Guinea).

The other part of the exhibition consists of the subject and portrait photography, which helps you perceive life stories of the "third world" through the images of its individual members. These photos demonstrate you global problems of immigration, hunger, poverty, and political conflicts. You will see pictures of children suffering from famine in Ethiopia and Malawi, as well as residents of Afghanistan, Georgia and Sudan, who are in the thick of the armed conflict.

People are a kind of a thread leading to either success or failure of the systems, which are necessary for survival. The results of political policy in relation to wildlife and ecosystems can not be considered without the human factor.

Buffett began his career with a work dedicated to wildlife protection, but later he became concerned about the fate of people living in poor conditions. It was a desire to help people that led Buffett to photography.

When Buffet became a UN Ambassador against famine within the World Food Program, he won numerous awards, including the John Owen Jones Award "The Outstanding Journalist of the Year" (2005). The exhibition features photographs documenting the activity of the Howard Buffett's Foundation, which provides invaluable assistance to residents of the "third world."

The photographer believes that his pictures can convert empty words to undeniable truth - the truth that can help us understand the rise and fall of humanity and endurance of the human spirit in the face of enormous frustration, as well as make us understand that we should be generous to the pour.

Buffett serves on the Board of Directors of an investment holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.; the Company Coca Cola Enterprises, Inc.; the world's largest producer of alcohol-free products; Lindsay Corporation - the world leader in the production of agricultural irrigation systems, and the private company Sloan Implement - a distributor of agricultural equipment of John Deere's Company. Besides, he is a member of the boards of directors in numerous nonprofit organizations.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Foundation for International Arts & Education (U.S.), and with support of Howard G. Buffett Foundation and the U.S. Embassy.

Earlier, the exhibition was shown at the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg).

  • Entrance ticket: 250 rubles.
  • Working hours:
    from 12.00 until 21.00,
    on Saturday and Sunday: from 11.00 until 21.00,
    Monday is a day off.
  • Address: 3c1, Bolotnaya Embankment.
  • Phone number: +7(495) 228-98-78.
  • Website:

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