Anti “Cinema House”

11.02.2015 22:37
The Cinema House is the first and only so called anti Cinema Theater in Moscow. It is located in the center of the city not far from a factory “Red October”. 106

Children's Gallery "Glance of the child"

10.11.2014 18:09
The Children's Gallery "Glance of the child" is the only one in Russia where one can see a permanent exhibition of children's art. 169

Moscow Planetarium

07.11.2014 15:45
Space fanatics prepare to be wowed - the long and expensive renovation of this historic planetarium has yielded stunning results. At the interactive museum children and... 180


28.10.2014 18:37
COLLECTOR GALLERY is the new Moscow art-gallery promising to be one of the most popular modern art-places. It will collect most famous people from the different fields ... 267

Art object “Love”

16.10.2014 22:18
Literally hovering over Moscow, this art object appeared this summer on the Sparrow Hills. The snow-white big letters with the letter "O" in the form of an arch uniting... 264

Interactive Zoo “There lived with a Grandmma”

05.09.2014 21:33
This Interactive Zoo “There lived with a Grandmma” is a good opportunity to touch the diversity of the wild nature. The Zoo is rather small, but it arises huge and very... 197

Dragon in Marshal Zhukov Avenue

22.08.2014 14:47
In Moscow, in Avenue named after Marshal Zhukov there is a huge dragon made of metal frame and painted car tires on it. The dragon was made as long ago as 1987 by the o... 247

Moscow Children Shadow Theater

12.08.2014 16:30
Shadow theaters as a form of Art appeared in Asia more than 1700 years ago. In Russia shadows shows became very popular at the end of the 19th and at the beginning of t... 266

Housing estate “Sokol” (Falkon)

01.08.2014 17:23
This housing estate is rather unusual district of Moscow situated between Streets named after Halabyan, Vrubel, Levitan and Maliy Pesochniiy Lane. 232

Under a plane wing

05.02.2013 01:27
When you look at the planes from the ground, they are just like small birds floating across the sky. But when you take a closer look, you will feel that they are gigant... 802

Bazillium circus and cafe

13.11.2012 01:16
Bazillium Circus and Cafe is an amazing place in Moscow. First of all, its construction and interior are unique. The circus can be easily transformed to any other ... 967

Double-Decker Sightseeing Buses in Moscow

17.09.2012 22:43
Red double-decker buses appeared on the streets of Moscow at the end of August. They take standard routes around the historical center of the city. The project was crea... 1279

Interesting entrance hall at Maroseyka Street

24.08.2012 20:15
At Maroseyka Street you can find such an interesting entrance hall of the old architecture. 1023

Diorama "Moscow is the capital of the USSR"

03.08.2012 22:16
On the first floor of Ukraina Hotel, you can see at no charge a unique small-scale model of Moscow called "Moscow is the capital of the USSR". The size of the model is ... 994

Besedy Village in Moscow region

13.07.2012 20:56
There are lots of interesting places in our city, and we still don't know about many of them... Besedy village is located 1,5 kilometres from Moscow in Leninsky region,... 984

Boris - a passerby from the past

05.06.2012 19:32
Every time drivers, who are stuck in endless traffic jams at the beginning of Leninskiy Prospect on the side of Universitetskiy Prospect, can observe how a fellow is ju... 1004

Old entrance hall

10.05.2012 21:28
In Tatarskaya street you can find a very unusual and interesting entrance hall in one of the buildings. The hall is still in its original condition. Of course, it needs... 855

Street Lamps in Bolshoy Spasoglinishevsky Lane

03.04.2012 18:35
I have found all these street lamps in one of Moscow lanes. It is a rare case to see so many different lamps on a small territory of the city. Bolshoy Spasoglinishevsky... 998

Antiques Market in Izmaylovo

01.01.1970 06:00
There are plenty of impressive buildings in Izmaylovo, even though they all are modern replicas: painted turrets and flags basking in the sun, towers reconstructing arc... 0

The last village in Moscow - Terekhovo

31.01.2012 14:01
Terekhovo is the last village in Moscow on the territory of Horoshevo-Mnevniki region. According to the government resolution, the village is planned to be demolished. ... 1192

The Film Set in Serednikovo

23.01.2012 22:25
In the village Serednikovo of Moscow region, you can find a film set, created in the style of Vyborg of the 18th century. Vyborg is a town on the Baltic coast of Russia... 866

Old Pigeon-House

21.12.2011 00:43
Not far from Kitay-Gorod metro station and Ivanovskaya Gorka, there is an old pigeon-house in the former doorkeeper's lodge built in 1900. The lodge is located near the... 727

Vvedenskoye Cemetery

05.12.2011 20:58
Vvedenskoye Cemetery or German Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Moscow. It was founded during the Black Death epidemic in 1771 and was initially intended for... 899

Old Donskoe Cemetery

07.06.2011 18:45
The cemetery appeared in 1591 on the terratory of Donskoy Monastery. It is located in the south-west of Moscow, in Donskoy area of the Southern administrative district.... 1009

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