Graffiti with the Great Patriotoc War heroes

08.10.2015 23:13
This new graffiti on the theme of the Great Patriotoc War appeared on the facades of buildings in Sadovaya-Karetnaya Street. 2

New 3D graffiti in Odintsovo district

09.09.2015 22:49
We present you a new graffiti situated in Moscow suburbs. The giant 3D aquarium with a whale in it. 16

New Graffiti in the vicinities of Moscow

20.08.2015 22:14
Gray plaster gives way to the bright graffiti. These unusual street art you can find in the suburbs of Moscow. And what graffiti decorate your towns? 23

Graffiti "A Moment of Inspiration" by Aber & Morik

15.07.2015 23:09
It is a work of two artists in Astrakhan lane, 8 (metro station "Prospekt Mira"). 29

Graffiti “Touch the stars”

19.05.2015 23:05
Not far from Metro Station Novoslobodskaya on the end of the building you can find this funny graffiti. I think it’s a sign: Don’t give up and always go forward!. 55

Street Art in Khimki district

25.04.2015 00:23
Moscow graffiti artists Ches, Akse and Anton Lebedev have created three giant graffiti on the blind-ends of the 23-storey buildings in Khimki district in Gorshin Street... 104

Moscow Alps

08.04.2015 22:11
Ski center "Moscow Alps", situated in Elektorolitny Lane, of course, must have been decorated with graffiti! 68

New graffiti in Moscow

05.03.2015 22:50
One of the most recent graffiti works - a portrait of Vladimir Vysotsky in Nizhny Tagansky's End (metro station "Taganskay"). It is created by Reiter SO2ART on the nigh... 148

Artist's Hands graffiti in Filyevskiy Boulevard

02.02.2015 22:50
This extremely creative graffiti one can find in Filyevskiy Boulevard, 41с2. 114

Graffiti by Agostino Lasursi in Prospect Mira

05.12.2014 15:43
The creation of the famous painter Agostino Lasursi you can see on the wall of the house in Prospect Mira. This graffiti has been drawn in the framework of the festival ... 473

Graffiti in Belyaevo District

21.11.2014 22:29
On the blind side of the house in Belyaevo disytict one can find a new graffiti with poemgraphy made by one of the founders of Moscow Conceptualism Dmitry Prigov. 370

Edward Cobra "Ballerina"

12.11.2014 23:17
Not far from the Bolshoy Theater, in Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street 16, b.2 one can see the graffiti with the great Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, who symbolizes the art... 373

Graffiti Homer Simpson

11.11.2014 17:46
One of the most famous and favorite character from the animated series «The Simpsons» - Homer Simpson, is watching us, eating donuts and smiling at accidental passers-b... 263

Old Moscow Graffiti in Khoroshovskoe highway

23.10.2014 21:52
You can count more than 20 such stencils in Bakhrushina Str. One of them is on the corner of the cinema house "Five Stars". It always turns you on the positive way when... 184

Collection of love graffiti in Moscow

17.10.2014 16:27
Collection of love graffiti in Moscow 332

Graffiti Frozen Bikers

10.10.2014 21:34
Not far from the cozy green meadow of the Park named after the 850th anniversary of Moscow, under Brateevsky Bridge you can see bikers, frozen in the moment of a rapid ... 269

Rustam Qbic’s graffiti

29.09.2014 21:31
Rustam Qbic, an artist, has recently finished this big graffiti in Moscow. The picture of the boy using his laptop while sitting in a giant lotus over the city - is a t... 422

Graffiti in Rozhdestvenka Street

18.09.2014 21:49
Fintan Magee, an Australian artist has created this canvas in Rozhdestvenka Street, 23/5 p.2 197

Bulgakov graffity

15.09.2014 21:17
Это новое граффити появилось недавно в Большом Афанасьевском переулке. 198

Old Moscow in Graffiti

04.09.2014 22:18
Not far from the Museum named after Pushkin, at the intersection of Lenivka and Volhonka Streets on the metal shutters of the old house you can find a few historical gr... 202

Graffiti in Mitino district

28.08.2014 17:16
These bright and funny graffiti can be found in Mitino district. Even in rainy days here you will feel the touch of the Sun in your heart! 218

Graffiti “A Miraculous Wonder-Whale”

18.08.2014 21:17
  You can find this interesting boiler house not far from the Metro station All-Russia Exhibition Center. The walls of the boiler house is adorned with interesting graf... 241

Graffiti by Vova Nootk

13.08.2014 22:45
Walking down Grokhopolsky lane you may notice a couple of curious state-owned buildings adorned with NOOTK's works, which look like French or Canadian street art. But Mo... 225

Fairy-tale graffiti in Krylatskoe district

04.08.2014 19:10
This fairy-tale graffiti can be found in one of the courtyards in Krylatskoe district. 222

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