Autumn-winter fashion season in Moscow Metro

27.11.2014 23:41
Once entering a suubway train you may feel that you are at a fashion show and almost all the passengers are models demonstrating the most dashing, the most unexpected g... 306

Spartak Metro Station

14.11.2014 23:46
Spartak, previously named Volokolamskaya while on conservation, is a station on the Moscow Metro's Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line, located under the Tushino airfield.... 244

Metro's 'Poetry Train'

03.10.2014 19:41
A “Poetry in the Metro” train started running on the Light Blue Line last week featuring excerpts from the biographies and works of five Chilean poets, including Nobel ... 355

An unusual train on the Arbat line of the Moscow Metro

22.01.2013 23:32
On the Arbat line of the Moscow Metro you may see a very interesting train. It is adorned with very bright drawings of flowers and fruits, but the most interesting and ... 938

Komsomolskaya metro station

14.08.2012 22:43
Komsomolskaya metro station is located under Komsomolskaya Square on the Koltsevaya Line, between Prospekt Mira and Kurskaya metro stations. It is the largest from the ... 2252

Mayakovskaya metro station

31.07.2012 13:04
The metro station "Mayakovskaya" is a wonderful place. First, it is an architectural monument. Second, it is just pleasant to be there. Especially, when you need to mee... 5666

Trubnaya Metro Station

14.06.2012 18:44
I've recently been to a rather new subway station "Trubnaya" in Moscow. It was opened on August 30, 2007. The station left a positive impression on me and, in my opinio... 1437

Unfinished Subway Line «Novokosino»

30.01.2012 19:16
It's a night trip to the unfinished underground constructions of a new subway line in Moscow, called Novokosino. The new station is located in the east of Moscow, ... 1111

Window to Paris at Kropotkinskaya Metro Station

25.10.2011 16:55
Author: Irina (Irinitsa) I studied abroad several years ago and travelled to different countries when I had free time. Once I spent a weekend in Paris. First of all, I... 1563

The Bird at the Krasnoselskaya Station

15.10.2011 16:07
Author: Fedor Ivchenko I think you must have already seen flying birds under the ceiling of some metro stations in Moscow. It is usually small pigeons or sparrows. But... 1280

The fountain at Rimskaya Station

15.10.2011 00:49
Author: George (George RoN Sky) - Not many people know about it for some reason, but there is a real fountain at one of the metro stations in... 1394

Subway Train «Reading Moscow»

10.10.2011 23:16
Author: atlee There is a very unusual train running on the Koltsevaya Line, which is a 20-km-long ring line connecting all the radial lines of the subway system in Mos... 1529

Mosaics at Avtozavodskaya station

06.10.2011 11:26
Author: paperthinthing It is hard not to pay attention to the nice mosaics under the ceiling at Avtozavodskaya station. The main theme of the design of the station is ... 1247

Underground Surrealism - Dostoevskaya Metro Station

02.06.2011 15:06
In May 2010, a protracted opening of the metro station Dostoevskaya drew a wide response in the public. Everybody was amazed with the naturalism and unusual style of th... 1296

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