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Abandoned places

Burnt maternity hospital in Ramenskoe

17.12.2012 23:35
This burnt abandoned maternity hospital is located in a small town Ramenskoe in Moscow region. The hospital was burnt in 2008 and hasn't been restored yet. Its bes... 1012

Abandoned Children's Camp Berezki

12.12.2012 20:49
The children's camp Berezki is located in Moscow region not far from Istra. It could be still one of the richest children's camp in the country, but, unfortunately, it ... 1084

Abandoned houses with ghosts at Andronyevskaya Square

27.11.2012 00:00
These two abandoned buildings, multiple dwellings in the past, face each other at Andronyevskaya Square, between Andronyevskiy Passage and Syezjinskiy Lane. They say th... 956

The huge radar and abandoned estate in Moscow region

29.10.2012 23:37
Not far from a small town in the Moscow suburbs - Fryazino, you can find two interesting objects - an abandoned estate of the 16th century and a huge radar on the terri... 1335

Abandoned estate - The House of R. German

24.08.2012 19:52
In the region of Moscow, in the town Dolgoprudniy, you can find a beautiful historical place - the abandoned House of R. German, which is stil in rather good condition.... 1027

Abandoned school in Istrinsky District

22.07.2012 19:18
The school of the children's sanatorium in Istrinsky District was built with the best intentions. The main purpose was to create a place, where children would not forge... 1209

Abandoned Aremkuz plant

05.07.2012 21:39
Not far from the metro station Paveletskaya, there is an old and abandoned building of the Moscow Aremkuz plant. 1232

Abandoned yard

31.05.2012 21:29
You can find this interesting abandoned yard in Malaya Sukharevskaya Square in Moscow. 1388

A huge radio telescope and a cemetery of pursuit planes

13.04.2012 19:03
At the 26th kilometre of Shelkovskoe Highway not far the village Medvezhi Ozera, there is a center of space communication. On its territory you can find one of the four... 1326

Abandoned factories in Voskresensk region

12.03.2012 18:48
Voskresensk is a wonderful city in Moscow region. Now we are going to tell you not about its architecture, history or inhabitants, but the abandoned industrial side of ... 1282

Pokrovskoe-Streshnego Estate

17.01.2012 22:55
I've passed that estate in the Moscow region many times, but had no idea that it was abandoned. It is hard to realize that such an interesting historical building can b... 1180

Syani Stone Mines

12.10.2011 11:09
Syani or Syanskie stone mines is a Moscow artificial cave system, where limestone was excavated for the city building. But nobody knows the exact date the development w... 1114

The Island of Dead Ships

11.10.2011 18:43
Shliuzy ("shipping locks" in Russian) is a workmen's settlement on a small island. Initially, workers of the Moscow Canal lived there working at Perervinskye shipping l... 1128

Plane Cemetery at Khodynka Field

06.10.2011 19:32
I've recently decided to go on a visit to Frunze Central Aerodrome at Khodynka Field built by N. E. Zhukovsky. It was the first and the only aerodrome in Moscow until 1... 1424

Young Pioneer Camp «Jubileyny»

13.09.2011 12:40
The abandoned Young Pioneer camps of the Soviet Union are one of the most depressing places I've ever been to. Camps were destroyed to such an extent, which can be comp... 1270

Abandoned Metro Station «Business Center»

15.08.2011 12:32
It is a suspended first level of the metro station "Business Center" - a two-level station, which is located under Moscow International Business Center. It is planned t... 1179

«The Tree of Life» by Ernst Neizvestny

01.01.1970 06:00
"I think of sculpture not as a person, animal or other natural or geometrical form situated in space: the sculpture contains within itself a dialogue between spirit and... 0

The Old Building in Podsosenovskiy Lane

22.06.2011 13:48
The Clean Ponds is a lovely old historic area with many beautiful buildings. It is located in the center of Moscow, not far away from the Red Square. The houses in the ... 1194

Steam Engines

10.06.2011 13:54
There is a very interesting place at Podmoskovnaya railway station in Moscow. It includes a repository of steam engines, a cemetery of refigerators and a depot. Almost ... 1328

Movie Decorations

10.06.2011 13:15
In Moscow region you can find a very interesting place - artificial world with a special atmosphere. It is a desolate shooting area, which was used for the Russian movi... 1652

Children's Camp «Clear Hill»

10.06.2011 12:50
This unique by its architecture place is located in Moscow region: N 55° 22.352´ E 36° 9.886. Unfortunately, the camp was neglected in 2002 and is on its last legs now.... 1301

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