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Bridges, embankments

Trees of Love

18.11.2014 22:36
You must have heard about trees with locks instead of leaves, though some of us certainly not. But it is not so important, because this post is for all of them. The fir... 172

"Bagration" bridge

20.10.2014 22:23
"Bargation" bridge is the first trade and footbridge of the capital linking Taras Shevchenko and Krasnopresnenskaya embankments and a part of constructed complex "Mosco... 209

Krymsky Bridge

09.09.2014 21:53
Krymsky Bridge or Crimean Bridge is a steel suspension bridge in Moscow. The bridge spans the Moskva River 1,800 metres south-west from the Kremlin and carries the Gard... 225

Walking along Moscow embankments

14.08.2014 22:46
Oh, Moscow, sacred Moscow, with charming cozy lanes With poplar fluff, which flying among the bridges panes. I know there’re better countries, I know there’re better f... 335

Zhivopisny Bridge

15.03.2012 01:04
Zhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque bridge) is the first cable-stayed bridge in Moscow and the highest one in Europe. It spans Moskva River in north-western Moscow. The con... 1921

Trees of Love on Luzhkov Bridge

31.05.2011 14:35
The first tree of love appeared on the Luzhkov bridge in April 2007. Now there is a whole population of trees on the bridge and Bolotnaya embankment. The idea is that c... 1346

Moscow Lights from the Krimskiy Bridge

01.01.1970 06:00
This is an amazing place, where it is windy even in the least windy weather. If you'd like to refresh yourself, come there, and air streams will take your breath away. ... 0

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