The largest event in the Russian field of landscape gardening will gather together some of the best professionals and experts from all around the world. The main venues o...
Festival goers will be offered tea and traditional Russian food and there will also be a concert given by Russian rock groups. Everything will take place between 11 and 1...
Performances are staged by six Moscow and six regional theatres.
From 7 to 15 April, Muscovites and guests of the city will be able to take part in charity events and free workshops.
Visitors can try parmesan, burrata, mozzarella and dozens of other kinds of cheese.
On Defender of the Fatherland Day, people will be able to visit free exhibitions, tours, workshops and military orchestra concerts, and participate in sports tournaments.
Art Svoboda 1.0: Usadba Jazz anniversary to bring music and theatre together
How the memorable date will be marked in museums and theatres
The Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki Estate Museum is hosting the exhibition Russian Winter dedicated to Russian peasant winter traditions and holidays from the end of the 19th cen...
The Moscow Virtuosi chamber orchestra will give a concert, Bach’s Cosmic Music, at the Moscow Planetarium
From 14 to 17 September 2017, Pavilion No. 75 will host the autumn season of the Hunting and Fishing in Russia International Exhibition.
Gardens and People, the 4th Moscow International Festival of Landscape Art, To Be Held at VDNH EXPO
Cinema Night goers will get a chance to see pre-premiere films, listen to a concert of contemporary music, there’ll be an education festival plus city theme tours.
Over 40 festival venues to offer various treats and fragrant bouquets of flowers.
Muscovites will be able to make their own graffiti, aided by professionals.
The Acrobatic Rock‘N’Roll and Boogie-Woogie Lessons project has started in Gorky and Sokolniki parks.
From 31 May to 4 June 2017, VDNH EXPO (pavilion No. 75) will host Multimir, the largest festival of entertainment for children and their parents in Russia. For the second...
Classical music masterpieces will be performed by the State Wind Orchestra of Russia conducted by Sergei Polyanichko on 20 May.
Russian nobles who owned estates often ordered their servants to move furniture, paintings, chinaware and other household items from one estate to another. The servants o...
Muscovites will celebrate the ancient Slavic event of Krasnaya Gorka at the Izmailovo Kremlin on Sunday.
The Japanese culture festival will amaze the savviest of visitors with its Japanese tea ceremony, onigiri rice ball cooking workshop, drum show, hi-tech game consoles, ch...
Visitors will enjoy concerts and theatrical performances, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, souvenirs and treats.


Just under 100 years ago, Moscow opened its first fixed-price chemist shop.
Moscow monuments....there are quite a lot of those in our city! Well, first of all let's get clear - there are so many monuments in Moscow that listing them all would pro...
Eliseevsky store is probably one of the most famous stores in the entire Moscow. Do me a favor, if you're strolling along the beautiful Tverskaya st., don't forget to fin...
The name of the area, Boloto (literally meaning the marsh), was known since the 14th century, when it was located in the meadows on the low bank of the Moscow River and...
Near the centre of modern Moscow, though a place which a hundred years ago was in the country, there is a cozy little home-estate which was once owned by Leo Tolstoy.
We will tell you about one of the most remarkable Moscow residents, a contemporary of Peter the Great, Count Bruce, whose life gave rise to a great number of legends, m...
Metro-2 is the informal name for a purported secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro. The system was supposedly built, or at least start...
Vladimir Vysotsky's legacy comprises of over 600 songs and over 100 poems. He sang his songs with the accompaniment of a “Russian” seven-string guitar.
The angel standing on a cloud has blue wings and a lily in his hands. The angel is painted on a column in the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God in the Mar...
The Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos at Putinki is one of the most picturesque churches in Moscow and the last major tent-like church in the history of Russian a...
The search for Ivan the Terrible's famous library has been going on for several centuries with no result. Over this period, many doubts have been expressed about the li...
The Spasskaya Tower is the main tower with a through-passage on the eastern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Red Square.
It was created in 1586 in Moscow's Cannon Court by eminent Russian cannon-caster Andrei Chokhov on the order of Tsar Feodor Ioannovich, the sovereign ruler of All Great...
Despite the distance between Russia and the UK, the countries are connected by commercial and cultural ties that stretch back centuries. Evidence of this relationship c...
Perhaps the most cheerful holiday in Russia is the Pancake week (Shrovetide). This holiday is considered to come from pre-Christian times, when the Slavs were still pag...
On January 12, 1755, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna signed a decree placed before her by her favorite, Count Shuvalov, ordering the founding of Moscow University. The Count...
Russian Christmastide, or Svyatki (also spelled Sviatki), is celebrated between Orthodox Christmas (January 7) and the Epiphany (January 19th). 
The Kutafya Tower is an outlying barbican tower of the Moscow Kremlin, built in 1516 under the leadership of the Milanese architect Aloisio da Milan...
The Old English Court is a stone mansion erected in the early 16th century in Varvarka-street on the east side of the Kremlin.
It's a little journey on the roof of an unfinished building in Mosfilmovskaya Street.


Moscow is the football capital, the main city for fans coming from all over the world to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup from 14 June through 15 July. asked fans in ...
The unified transport portal will also open a special section dedicated to the championship.
This cableway will carry up to 19,000 people daily.
Fountains in Moscow will operate until 1 October, but this date might change if there’s fine weather.
The Cinema Museum, which has moved to VDNH's Pavilion No. 36, invites you to visit three exhibitions on the art of cinematography, and at the cinema lectorium, a vast var...
Waterjets of various heights will shoot from underground, some slower, some faster, resembling a waltz. At night, the water will be illuminated by a colourful light show.
The facades of buildings in Novy Arbat and the Central Telegraph building in Tverskaya Street will host festive video clips.
There is a labyrinth with more than 450 trees on Manezhnaya Square for the event.
Up to eight centimetres of snow will fall in the next three days.
On these days, visitors will get a discount on general and themed tours: they will cost 100 roubles per participant. The special event is held to celebrate the museum’s 1...
Park visitors can use UV wands to draw a picture on two-metre thick ice slabs made to look like old television sets.
On 22 December–14 January, Muscovites will be able to taste dishes from various national cuisines.
The Wall Street Journal recommended Moscow’s festival Journey to Christmas to its readers.
The Christmas tree bauble that is 17 metres high and 11 metres in diameter will be big enough for several dozens of people if they feel like dancing in it to the sound of...
The skating rink at VDNKh to open on 1 December with an acrobatic show performed at a height of 35 metres
Those visiting the Russian Dessert Museum will get a chance to learn all about the history of the art of confectionery in Russia.
The legendary ice hockey player’s gear is displayed inside a nearby pavilion.
The Moscow Planetarium presents a new family programme called the quest Proxima: The Rescue.
History Day, a re-enactment festival, will take place on 14 October at Sokolniki Park from noon to 6pm.
The Moscow Children’s Variety Theatre invites children, parents and grandparents to its family club.
The ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating will take place in Moscow on 19-22 October.
Akademichesky Park has replaced a deserted lot formerly occupied by outdated facilities belonging to Zhilishсhnik housing maintenance agency.

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