Museum of Soviet arcade machines

05.10.2016 17:30
There are moments when you want to come back in the childhood for a short while, because there were so many interesting things that we remember cordially till now. 129

"Live collection of private investments" museum

12.05.2015 22:46
"Live collection of private investments" museum was opened in Moscow on January 27, 2015. This project is purposed to raise financial awareness of visitors. 55

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

27.02.2015 23:21
Through an extensive program of exhibitions, events, education, research, and publishing, the institution reflects on current developments in Russian and international ... 105

Electro Museum

04.02.2015 22:51
The Electro Museum opened in 2014 immediately aroused great interest among the citizens and guests of the city because of its unusual exposition devoted to the actual e... 116

Coca-Cola Museum

28.01.2015 22:15
Coca-Cola World museum has been reopened after reconstruction at the Coca-Cola Hellenic plant in Moscow. 119

The Museum of Telephone History in Moscow

26.01.2015 22:29
We are proud to present to you this new large scale project, Russia's largest collection of rare telephone devices and accessories: The Museum of Telephone History. The... 137

Museum of Chess

23.01.2015 14:32
The Chess Museum opened its doors in Moscow on September 25, 2014. The museum found its place within the walls of the famous Central House of Chess (formerly known as t... 122

Multimedia Art Museum

15.12.2014 18:02
The Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow is a Russian state museum dedicated to the presentation and development of actual art related to new multimedia technologies. The mu... 198

House-Museum of M. Y. Lermontov

13.10.2014 16:32
The House-Museum of M. Y. Lermontov is the very house where he and his grandmother E. A. Arsenyeva lived from 1829 to 1832 before his leaving for Petersburg. This priva... 211

Victor Vasnetsov's House Museum

11.09.2014 22:40
From 1986 the All-Union Association of the State Tretyakov Gallery (renamed the All-Russia Association in 1994) has encompassed the Vasnetsov House Museum on Vasnetsov ... 270

State Cultural Center and Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in Taganka Street

21.08.2014 22:09
The idea of Vysotsky Museum foundation appeared in 1980, just after the poet's death in 1980. In 1987 the special bank account for the Museum's foundation was opened. ... 291

Museum of Optical illusions

30.07.2014 16:59
On the 29th of July a new Museum of Optical illusions was opened not far from the main pedestrian Street of Moscow – Arbat. 1011

Museum of Russian Chocolate History

09.07.2014 13:56
This is an off the beaten path museum in the heart of Moscow, and though its exhibits have been gathered all over the world and some of them are dated as far as the pre... 444

Naive Art Museum

19.06.2014 22:25
The museum was opened in 1998 in Moscow, in the unique Art Nouveau house built in 1907. It is the only state museum in Russia which focuses on the research, popularizati... 317

The Durov's Museum

17.06.2014 22:54
Durov animal theater or “Grandpa Durov’s Corner” is a worldwide known stage with actors-animals: hippos, elephants, crows, pelicans, raccoons and many others.   248

Fersman Mineralogical Museum

29.11.2012 22:42
At Leninskiy Prospect in Moscow, there is one of the oldest in Europe mineralogical museums. The museum is close related to the history of mineralogy in Russia. All the... 1088

Kubinka Tank Museum in Moscow region

26.09.2012 22:22
In Kubinka town, 64 kilometers west from Moscow, there is one of the biggest museums of armoured fighting vehicles in the world. It presents a unique collection of armo... 1536

Moscow Submarine Museum

04.09.2012 22:51
I have never been inside a real submarine before and, when I heard about the amazing Submarine Museum in Moscow, I decided to visit it as soon as possible. And it was a... 1389

Diorama "Moscow is the capital of the USSR"

03.08.2012 22:16
On the first floor of Ukraina Hotel, you can see at no charge a unique small-scale model of Moscow called "Moscow is the capital of the USSR". The size of the model is ... 1377

Museum of Chocolate and Cacao History

25.06.2012 12:47
The Museum of Chocolate and Cacao History is located on the territory of the two famous candy factories in Moscow: "Babayevskiy Open Joint-Stock Company" and "Moscow Co... 1370

Permanent Exhibition "Mysteries of the Deep Sea World"

06.06.2012 23:00
In the pavilion 11 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, there is a permanent exhibition called "Mysteries of the Deep Sea World". Except sharks, here you can see many ... 980

Vodka History Museum

24.05.2012 18:56
The Vodka History Museum is located in the walls of Kremlin in Izmailovo. Moscow became the origin of Russian vodka in the 15th century. The museum demonstrates all the... 2539

Memorial Museum of Astronautics

26.04.2012 23:42
The Memorial Museum of Astronautics is a wonderful place in Moscow dedicated to space exploration. It is located within the base of the famous monument to the Conqueror... 1736

The first museum of Apple computers in Moscow

05.03.2012 19:52
A museum of Apple computers has recently opened in Moscow - showing off about 60 models of 1977-2011, including one of the first Apple computers: Apple II from 1978 and... 1674

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