Roof of the "Triumph Palace"

03.08.2015 22:54
It is probably one of the most breathtaking sightseeing place in Moscow – the roof of the the monumental residential complex "Triumph Palace". From the height of the th... 33

Extreme urban climbing in Moscow

26.11.2014 00:29
Photographer, rufer and admirer of urban climbing Polatov Max and his extreme passion. 180

Views from a roof in Krasnaya Presnya Street

19.11.2014 20:26
These photos were taken from the roof of the house in Bolshaya Dekabrskaya Street. From the roof you can see the fabulous city views and breathtaking sunsets. 261

View from the Obsevation Desk of Moscow City

30.09.2014 22:36
This observation desk is located on the 58th floor. From the height of two hundred feet above above ground the city looks completely different. Ostankino and Luzhniki, ... 256

The view from Moscow State Univercity

20.08.2014 22:58
Let’s compare the views of the old Soviet Moscow and the capital of the present days 251

The roof of the Russian Academy of Sciences

25.12.2012 01:06
The original construction on the roof of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is also called "golden brains", generated a lot of myths among the people. Beginning fro... 917

Amazing photos of Moscow from above

10.12.2012 19:11
In this article I would like to show you some of my photos, that I've never published before, taken on the roofs of different buildings in Moscow. 941

Views from the house near Begovaya metro station

27.08.2012 20:07
On the photos you can see amazing views from the 33th floor of the house at Horoshevskoe Highway, not far from Begovaya metro station. 1056

Views of Tushino and Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo from height

27.07.2012 18:57
You can enjoy beautiful views and sunsets from the roof of the house in Tushino region. 973

The sunrise on the skyscraper "Mercury City Tower"

20.07.2012 12:49
For a long time the tower "Moscow" was the highest one in the Moscow International Business Center ("Moscow City"), but the scyscraper "Mercury City Tower" has recently... 1384

All-Russian Exhibition Centre from the roof of the central pavilion

10.07.2012 18:32
The weather was fantastic on that day and we decided to reach the top of a very interesting building, which is the central pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre... 1105

Multifunctional complex SkyLight

11.06.2012 18:36
The multifunctional complex "Skylight" was built in the northwest of Moscow in 2012. It is designed in a high-tech style and includes two symmetrical towers, which... 2126

The house in the Pine Grove

30.05.2012 12:05
We have recently managed to reach the top of a very interesting house called "The house in the Pine Grove" ("Dom v Sosnovoy Roshe"). It takes place in the northwest of ... 1056

Views from the roof at Krasnaya Presnya

18.04.2012 12:31
The photos were taken on the roof of the house in Krasnaya Presnya Street in March 2011. You can see amazing views and sunset from that point. 1108

Impressive views from «The House on Running»

05.03.2012 19:15
The housing estate "The House on Running" is a complex of two towers, connected with a stylobate and a shopping mall. The dwelling part of the estate is impressive in i... 1061

Sunset from the roof of the house at Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment

13.02.2012 20:18
On the roof of the house with the advertising panel "Gazprom", you can see beautiful views of the hotel "Ukraine", Moscow River and famous towers of the International B... 870

Views from the roof of Federation Tower at dawn

06.02.2012 19:16
My friend has recentrly invited me to see dawn on the roof of the tower "Federation", which is one of the buildings of the International Business Center "Moscow City". ... 883

Two cycloramas of Moscow in 1955 and 2012

02.02.2012 18:49
I've recently found a wonderful cyclorama of soviet Moscow on the website The cyclorama was taken from the roof of the House in Kudrunskaya Square, one of th... 861

Housing estate «Adelvase»

30.01.2012 19:33
This building is often called the house of Count Dracula, because it looks like a castle in the distance and has many towers of different size. From the roof of the las... 758

The roof of «Dirigible House»

19.01.2012 22:35
The "Dirigible" is a 40-storied unfinished building with non-standard architecture in the form of a huge airship. On the photos you can see the fascinating views from t... 767

Views from the roof of "The House in Mosfilmovskaya"

09.01.2012 20:30
The following photos were taken on the roof of the skyscraper called "The House in Mosfilmovskaya" ("Dom na Mosfilmovskoy"), which is the 8th highest building in Russia... 958

Housing estate "Continental"

24.10.2011 17:21
I'd like to show you some photos taken on the roof of the housing estate "Continental", which is located in Khoroshyovo-Mnyovniki District of Moscow. I was impressed by... 855

Views from the Moscow Tower

16.10.2011 19:11
We, a group of 10 people, have recently decided to conquer the highest towers of Moscow. We divided into two groups to climb up two skyscrapers: the 76-level "Moscow To... 946

City view from the roof of the Institute of Philosophy

08.10.2011 12:03
You can observe wonderful views from the roof of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPhRAS). The gallery of the famous Russian artist I. Gl... 764

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