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Zaha Hadid Debuts in Moscow With Dominion Tower Office Center

02.10.2015 18:55
Visionary architect Zaha Hadid has made her Russian debut with the construction of a stunning avant-garde office complex in Moscow. 6

Arseniy Morozov’s Mansion

28.08.2015 18:35
Arseniy Morozov’s mansion in Vozdvizhenka Street, which combines elements of the modern and eclectic in its appearance, includes an example of stylisation in a neoroman... 25

Igumnov House

14.08.2015 22:21
This mansion was named after Nikolai Vasilyevich Igumnov, who was at the time the owner of a large manufacture in Yaroslavl. 29

Slavic Kremlin in Valischevo village

02.06.2015 22:46
Slavic Kremlin is a complex of several buildings, landing on the area of 2,4 ha near the Valischevo village, 30 km from Moscow oblast. 78

Just tune in

26.05.2015 22:56
This very original and unusual building is situated on the territory of the ArtPlay Center 96

Pertsov’s lodging house

19.03.2015 22:58
Pertsov’s mansion in Prechistenskaya embankment has a proud status of historical and cultural monument of federal significance. 97

“Pompeian house”

22.10.2014 17:55
This rather a typical building for the center of the city stands apart from the others due to its unusual coloring! The author of the project - architect Mikhail Belov,... 170

Yaroslavsky railway station

15.10.2014 22:07
Yaroslavsky station is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow, situated on Komsomolskaya Square. It has the highest passenger throughput of all the nine Moscow... 179

"Cheerful Houses" in Ramenskoye town

06.10.2014 21:44
Ramenskoye town, by and large, is very much alike many other regional centers near Moscow. But like any small town it has its own peculiarities which add it some chic a... 233

Kutuzovsky Avenue

26.09.2014 17:00
Kutuzovsky Prospekt is a major radial avenue in Moscow, Russia, named after Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, leader of Russian field army during the French invasion of Ru... 355

House of Merchant Filatov – the house under the glass

23.09.2014 21:10
There are many unusual buildings in Moscow. One of these houses is the house of merchant Filatov), in Ostozhenka street, not far from the metro station Krapotkinskaya. ... 253

National Hotel

02.09.2014 18:44
The splendid Hotel National is a historical landmark located in the immediate vicinity of Moscow’s major historical venues: the Red Square, Kremlin and St. Bazil’s Cath... 237

Nosov’s Mansion

02.07.2014 20:01
Built in 1903, the mansion was designed by Russian art nouveau architect Lev Kekushev and belonged to the Old Believer Nosov merchant family. During the Soviet times th... 303

Peter the Greate's Palace

01.07.2014 13:06
Originally the Imperial palace was built by Catherine the Great as a resting stop to the Kremlin, today a luxury hotel with 43 rooms and numerous enormous ballrooms. T... 280

Wonderful tower

16.06.2014 22:03
In the First Khvostovoy Lane, not far from Metro Station Polyanka there is a building in pseudo-Russian style. This Mansion is quite new – it was built in 1997. Now you... 262

Kremlin in Volokolamsk

10.06.2014 22:47
The Kremlin in Volokolamsk located on the city shaft is a unique monument of history, culture and architecture. 288

House-egg in Mashkov Street

09.06.2014 22:23
Amazing things are always by your side - in Moscow there is a house designed as a Faberge egg. Initially it was built as an apartment house, but as a matter of fact nob... 376

Moscow Tea House

04.06.2014 23:58
In Myasnitskaya Street there is a very outstanding and interesting building which stands apart and does not fit into the overall picture. Externally it looks very unusu... 308

Three unusual old buildings in Moscow

07.12.2012 00:02
In the pictures, you can see three Moscow buildings with unusual interior. I promised not to tell anyone the addresses of the first two houses, but the third one is loc... 1189

The old buildings not far from of Chistye prudy and Kitay-gorod

13.04.2012 16:58
The center of Moscow is not only luxurious shops and accurate facades. The following buildings are located not far from of Chistye prudy and Kitay-gorod. These facades ... 921

Former Profit Building of M. V. Sokol

25.01.2012 14:31
The former profit house of M. V. Sokol in Kuznetsky Most Street is one of the most interesting buildings of the modern style in Moscow. It was built in 1904 by the arch... 1391

A huge model of Moscow

06.01.2012 14:56
I've been recently lucky to visit an amazing place - the Centre for Architecture and Construction "Dom na Brestskoy". On the third floor of the center there is a huge m... 914

Former Tenement Houses in Gilyarovsky Street

02.11.2011 04:43
If you happen to be near Rijskaya or Prospect Mira metro stations, you should take a walk in Gilyarovsky street. It is a fabulous architectural cocktail! There you can ... 1572

Hotel Metropol

17.09.2011 21:46
Hotel Metropol is notable not only for its interesting history and famous guests, such as Elton John, Michael Jackson, Catherine Deneuve, Annie Girardot, Sharon Stone, ... 1328

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