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Moscow Mysteries

Abandoned houses with ghosts at Andronyevskaya Square

27.11.2012 00:00
These two abandoned buildings, multiple dwellings in the past, face each other at Andronyevskaya Square, between Andronyevskiy Passage and Syezjinskiy Lane. They say th... 910

Underground Danilovskiy river in the central part of Moscow

14.11.2012 23:21
Autumn is almost over and all the streets in Moscow are dirty. And it is hard to climb underground through a manhole, but some experienced methods helped me to come dow... 988

Anti-nuclear underground shelter under Paveletskaya Square

22.03.2012 00:04
Today we would like to tell you about an abandoned underground shelter of civil defence, which is located under the square near Paveletskiy Station at a depth of 40 met... 1217

Underground pipelines and cables

31.01.2012 13:37
All Moscow is connected by a network of underground pipelines and cables. Some of them are necessary for life activity in the city, such as the central heating system a... 979

The Artificial city «Moscow in the 19th century»

10.01.2012 23:20
I've recently been to the famous film studio "Mosfilm". On its territory you can see an amazing artificial city, called "Moscow in the 19th century" and built for one o... 1281

Magic stones in Kolomenskoe

22.10.2011 10:47
Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve has its own secrets and mysteries. There are many legends about different objects on its territory. For example, you can find two huge ston... 1836

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