Happylon Pirates Park

31.07.2015 22:37
Theme Park "Happylon" is located in the mall "VEGAS". This is a huge pirate island of entertainment, covering an area of two floors or five and a half thousand square met... 32

Ostankino Park

13.07.2015 22:04
This late 18th Century park, which lies somewhat incongruously between the Ostankino TV center and the Soviet kitsch of the vast VVTs exhibition grounds, was once part ... 40

Elk Island National Nature Park

25.02.2015 21:51
Elk Island straddles the boundary between Moscow proper and the suburbs of the north-west of the city, and is home to an amazing variety of animal and plant life. 154

Benches for kisses

07.10.2014 22:46
In Hermitage Garden, as well as in some other Moscow parks there appeared benches for kisses created by young designers in the framework of the competition aimed at th... 214

Victory Park

16.09.2014 21:51
Victory Park was only completed in the mid-nineties, and is something of a last gasp for the Soviet tradition of monumental triumphal art. Located on and around the Pok... 250

Garden of Astronomers in "Sokolniki" Park

12.09.2014 21:34
The Garden of Astronomers is a very original place that is surely worth visiting during evening walks. You will see the illuminating planets and even scrutinize the Moo... 237

Have a rest in Mayakovskaya Square

01.07.2014 00:15
Not far from Metro station Mayakovskaya at the intersection of 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya and Tryumfalnaya Streets at the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky there is a square ... 347

Moscow public garden

25.06.2014 16:54
This cosy green corner of the capital is situated between Samotechnaya Street and Olympic Avenue. Here you may hide from the noise of the neighbouring avenues. Here you... 352

Magic Kolomenskoe Park

31.07.2012 13:31
If you have ever been to Kolomenskoe Park, you will never forget its special atmosphere and will not even compare it with any other places. It is a beautiful territory ... 1131

Panda Parks in Moscow

24.07.2012 23:36
In the shade of mighty trees of the most popular parks in Moscow, you can find unusual and really unique places to enjoy your leisure-time in the city - the P... 2148

Troparevskiy woodland park

10.07.2012 19:15
Troparevskiy park is a piece of almost bioluminescent forest. All its elements create a beautiful general impression: thin blades of grass, glowing flowers in the twili... 995

Aleshinskiy Pond in Moscow region

09.07.2012 18:14
It is rather hard to find a place in Moscow region, where you can enjoy fishing for low cost. A usual price for that at the majority of private lakes and ponds is about... 1035

Golitsyn ponds at Gorky Park

20.06.2012 13:08
You can find lots of beautiful birds in Golitsyn ponds at the Central Gorky Park in Moscow, such as graceful swans, a big family of ducks with a brood of ducklings, pig... 1218

Apple orchards

16.05.2012 22:05
There are two beautiful places in Moscow where you can admire apple trees in bloom every spring: an apple orchad in Konkovo region and a park at Kutuzovsky prospect. Th... 1166

Timiryazevskiy park

14.05.2012 23:21
Timiryazevskiy park is a dense forest and a perfect place to walk. You can enter the park from different points between Dmitrovskoe and Leningradskoe highways. It is fu... 2403

Squirrels in Neskuchny Garden

03.01.2012 01:04
There are many funny squirrels in the oldest park in Moscow - Neskuchny Garden. They jump on the trees and eat nuts, giving lots of joy to children and adults. Besides,... 1315

Park of the estate «Gorki Leninskie»

30.10.2011 19:24
The park Gorki Leninskie is located 30km south from Moscow. It takes about one and a half kilometer to get to the estate from the main entrance of the park. The estate ... 1304

Black lake in Zelenograd

29.09.2011 14:03
Black lake is a unique piece of wildlife in the center of Zelenograd, which is an industrial town in the Moscow region. Once you turn to the alley "Forest ponds", you l... 1046

Summer in Muzeon Park - colors and forms...

22.06.2011 17:34
Muzeon Park was established by the City of Moscow in 1992 and currently displays over 700 sculptures. It is split into themed sections, i.e. the Oriental Garden, Pushki... 1001

Presnensky Park

02.06.2011 17:54
Not far from the metro station Krasnopresnenskaya and the Russian government building, there is a small and quiet children park. Main advantages of the park are its new... 1098


31.05.2011 20:33
VDNKh is a very old place in Moscow. It is not only the All-Russian Exhibition Centre and a permanent general-purpose trade show, but also a great place to have walk. ... 964

Kolomenskoe is different seasons of the year

29.05.2011 22:55
The park Kolomenskoe is a perfect place to take a walk especially in spring. Bright spots of tulips and dandelions, a wonderful smell of lilac and bird cherry trees, de... 927

Sculpture Park of the Central House of Artists

28.05.2011 20:13
The Sculpture Park of the Central House of Artists is a popular place for walks in Moscow, but in daylight it is not so mystical and terrifying as late at night in ligh... 956

Kolomenskoe in summer

28.05.2011 17:27
The park Kolomenskoe is a perfect place to take a walk. It has an interesting architectural ensemble. There is a famous Ascension Church there, which was built in 1528... 759

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