City parks: Tremendous fun

25.01.2019 19:00
Thanks to many city parks having been overhauled, the public can now have an even better time when it comes to their leisure time, taking advantage of new facilities like... 0

Celebrations are over: A beard and a staff were found in a metro coach

09.01.2019 17:00
You can recover things you lost from a lost-property office at Kotelniki metro station. 122

300 Christmas trees, lighted arches and garlands: Dressing up Moscow for the New Year

10.12.2018 18:00
Around 3,000 decorative elements will be installed in Moscow by 13 December. 146

Ice-skating rinks and yukigassen: Fun activities in store for VDNKh visitors in the new winter

31.10.2018 18:00
The winter season will open on 30 November. 0

Sound for vision: Moscow develops equipment for people with disabilities

05.10.2018 20:00
The audiovisual system for people with visual impairments turns visual information into sound. 136

5D cinema Space Sphere in the heart of the Space and Aviation Centre at VDNH

05.09.2018 21:00
The Space Sphere cinema is the only interactive cinema of this format in the world, created especially for the Space and Aviation Centre at VDNH. 0

A tour on the equator at the Moscow Zoo

03.09.2018 20:00
Those who come to the Moscow Zoo on Saturday will be able to take part in a tour called Walking on the Equator and see animals from South America, Africa and Asia. 0

Nikolskaya and Tverskaya streets and underground masterpieces: Foreign tourists share impressions of Moscow

28.06.2018 21:00
Moscow is the football capital, the main city for fans coming from all over the world to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup from 14 June through 15 July. asked fans in ... 188

A new version of the Moscow Metro app prepared for 2018 FIFA World Cup

14.06.2018 19:00
The unified transport portal will also open a special section dedicated to the championship. 173

New cableway to link two city districts on both sides of Khimki reservoir

29.05.2018 18:00
This cableway will carry up to 19,000 people daily. 190

Moscow fountains are turned on

04.05.2018 21:00
Fountains in Moscow will operate until 1 October, but this date might change if there’s fine weather. 187

Masterpieces of world cinematography and new exhibitions at the Cinema Museum

26.04.2018 17:00
The Cinema Museum, which has moved to VDNH's Pavilion No. 36, invites you to visit three exhibitions on the art of cinematography, and at the cinema lectorium, a vast var... 161

Dry dancing fountain to open at Luzhniki during 2018 FIFA World Cup

18.04.2018 18:00
Waterjets of various heights will shoot from underground, some slower, some faster, resembling a waltz. At night, the water will be illuminated by a colourful light show. 0

Over 500 greeting cards to decorate Moscow for International Women’s Day

02.03.2018 17:00
The facades of buildings in Novy Arbat and the Central Telegraph building in Tverskaya Street will host festive video clips. 166

Maslenitsa greetings displayed on Novy Arbat billboards

16.02.2018 19:00
There is a labyrinth with more than 450 trees on Manezhnaya Square for the event. 0

Moscow sees the heaviest snowfall in 100 years

05.02.2018 19:00
Up to eight centimetres of snow will fall in the next three days. 142

Free entry to History Museum on 9 and 10 February

02.02.2018 19:00
On these days, visitors will get a discount on general and themed tours: they will cost 100 roubles per participant. The special event is held to celebrate the museum’s 1... 0

Ice canvasses for light sketching installed in Sokolniki Park

12.01.2018 16:00
Park visitors can use UV wands to draw a picture on two-metre thick ice slabs made to look like old television sets. 154

Over 100 restaurant chalets to open at the Journey to Christmas festival

22.12.2017 19:00
On 22 December–14 January, Muscovites will be able to taste dishes from various national cuisines. 0

Moscow recognised as one of the most interesting holiday tourist destinations

12.12.2017 19:00
The Wall Street Journal recommended Moscow’s festival Journey to Christmas to its readers. 161

World’s largest Christmas bauble being assembled on Poklonnaya Hill

01.12.2017 19:00
The Christmas tree bauble that is 17 metres high and 11 metres in diameter will be big enough for several dozens of people if they feel like dancing in it to the sound of... 163

The skating rink at VDNKh

22.11.2017 19:00
The skating rink at VDNKh to open on 1 December with an acrobatic show performed at a height of 35 metres 0

Icing gingerbread and the history behind art of confectionery

09.11.2017 21:00
Those visiting the Russian Dessert Museum will get a chance to learn all about the history of the art of confectionery in Russia. 124

Monument to Valery Kharlamov unveiled on Luzhniki’s Glory Alley

30.10.2017 17:00
The legendary ice hockey player’s gear is displayed inside a nearby pavilion. 115

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