Moscow’s longest children’s railway to be built at Krylatskoye

16.01.2017 18:00
A six-kilometre railway will be opened in the summer of 2017.

The VDNH Ice Rink Reaches Record Levels of Attendance

11.01.2017 18:00
Russia's main ice rink has reached record-breaking new attendance in the 2016–2017 winter season.

Moscow Metro launches a football train

27.12.2016 18:10
Each carriage is designed to feature host cities of the FIFA Confederations Cup and its symbols.

Ring in the New Year 2017 at the Main Skating Rink of the Country!

19.12.2016 21:00
Several times during the night, the decor of the Rink will be completely changed, transforming the space and constantly surprising participants of the celebration. 9

New Year's Presents for VDNH Guests: Discounts and Free Tickets to Exhibitions

14.12.2016 19:00
On December 10-31, 2016, a special New Year's offer, for seven VDNH exhibitions, will be available to guests of the Main Skating Rink of the country. On Tuesdays, Wednesd... 10

The 10 Best Places to Spend New Year's Eve in Moscow

08.12.2016 18:00
New Year is by far Russia's biggest holiday. Every year, families across the country gather to exchange gifts, feast on traditional New Year's dishes and clink their cham...

Dog sleighs, snowboarding and ice skating: winter fun in Moscow

07.12.2016 18:45
Moscow has prepared its traditional exciting programme of active recreation for the winter season.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

06.12.2016 18:00
There are moments when you want to come back in the childhood for a short while, because there were so many interesting things that we remember cordially till now.

The world’s largest musical New Year tree ball installed on Poklonnaya Gora

05.12.2016 19:00
A 17–metre New Year tree ball will play songs about Moscow, winter and the New Year. 18

The Best French Restaurants In Moscow

02.12.2016 18:00
The guide below features our selection of the top, most elegant and sophisticated French restaurants in Moscow. 11

Museum "Russian Valenki"

29.11.2016 19:00
"Russian valenki" museum - is the only one in Moscow where you can get to know many new things about such an ordinary object and realize its importance.

VDNH skating Rink: winter 2016/17

23.11.2016 17:10
1 big circle or the main rink - the perimeter of ice coating, including the circles going round the Fountains “Friendship of Peoples” and “The Stone Flower”. Is intended ...

Hockey at VDNH

10.11.2016 19:00
Hockey arena starts working from 21 November to 15 March at the main Exhibition of the country, behind the pavilions #8 and 9 where the swimming pool complex "Port at VDN...

Chess in Moscow: sport schools, themed festivals and city tournaments

02.11.2016 18:00
Thousands of city residents go in for chess, and Moscow is doing its best to promote this game. Where can one learn to play chess in Moscow, and what themed festivals doe... 14

10 reasons you need to visit Moscow this winter

31.10.2016 19:00
Moscow during winter is a visual wonder. Here is our run-down of the top 10 places you need to visit this frosty season in the great capital from our updated Moscow city ...

A real children's airplane at VDNH

28.10.2016 18:00
A new exhibition within the framework of the "TAKE-OFF" project: "No adults allowed. A real children's airplane"

Moscow pupils try their hand at 3D modelling

27.10.2016 18:00
3D Boom contestants will design digital models of parts for reconnaissance robots and space vehicles and produce them with 3D printers.

Ten Most Popular Roofs of Moscow

25.10.2016 19:00
To get breathtaking shots of Moscow, to feel the boundless freedom of height, to get rid of dull routine you can get all that at once having climbed on one of the roofs.

Residents in historical clothing will ride period bikes in uptown Moscow

21.10.2016 00:00
A costumed bike ride is scheduled for Saturday, 22 October, in central Moscow, with a group of residents in period costumes set to ride bikes produced between 1880 and 19... 13

Arts for all: Arts Night to take place in Moscow

17.10.2016 19:30
More than 270 cultural establishments in Moscow will open after 6 pm and work until late.

Top deals at Moscow's best hotels

12.10.2016 18:00
Moscow has great hotels to suit every budget. Let us find the one for you.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

05.10.2016 17:30
There are moments when you want to come back in the childhood for a short while, because there were so many interesting things that we remember cordially till now. 12

National Walking Day

29.09.2016 18:50
Those who enjoy active pastimes can take part in the Moscow stage of National Walking Day, which will be held for the second time at Vorobyovy Gory.

City equestrian center at VDNH

27.09.2016 18:15
The city equestrian center is open in the pavilion #48 “Sheep breeding” at VDNH. The experienced instructors teach all kinds of equestrian sports. The center also provide...

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