New Akademichesky Park opens in southwestern Moscow

18.09.2017 19:00
Akademichesky Park has replaced a deserted lot formerly occupied by outdated facilities belonging to Zhilishсhnik housing maintenance agency.

New Akademichesky Park opens in southwestern Moscow

18.09.2017 20:00
Akademichesky Park has replaced a deserted lot formerly occupied by outdated facilities belonging to Zhilishсhnik housing maintenance agency.

Over 30,000 people can take part in the autumn cycling parade

11.09.2017 20:00
The column will cover over 30 kilometres from Zvyozdny Boulevard to Krasnaya Presnya Park, a bike picnic site.

Moscow sky to burst into colour with chrysanthemums and peonies on City Day

31.08.2017 22:00
Fireworks will be let off near embankments, on squares and in city parks starting as of 9 pm on 9 September.

If the metro is closed: How to move around the city at night

22.08.2017 19:00
Have you stayed too long at your friends’ place, or do you have a late flight or a train to catch at 3 am? We will tell you how to get from one part of the city to anothe... 7

Museum of Vintage Music at VDNH

03.08.2017 18:00
Over 300 vintage gramophones, phonographs, radios, radio-gramophones and jukeboxes can now be seen and heard at VDNH. In the new museum, the House of Vintage Music, it is...

The biggest adventure rope park Sky Town at VDNH

28.07.2017 18:00
Now VDNH has a real “Sky Adventure City”. Assembly of the biggest in Russia rope city Sky Town has finished near the pavilion #27 “Physical culture and sport.”

Moscow to have an aircraft industrial park

20.07.2017 18:00
The cluster will include design bureaus and also the designers of aircraft parts and software for the aircraft industry.

Interactive museum complex "Buran" at VDNH

12.07.2017 15:00
Interactive Museum of reusable space shuttle Buran is located inside the model of the orbital ship "Buran BTS-001", next to the pavilion #20.

Moscow Zoo offers free tours with a focus on the most close-knit animal families

05.07.2017 16:00
As of 8 July, a summer lecture hall will open at the Moscow Zoo offering visitors free excursions.

Birthday of the park of crafts at VDNH

23.06.2017 18:00
Weekend program: Drawing cards for beloved dads at the City Farm; celebrating the Birthday of the Park of Crafts with master classes and live music.

Pervomaisky Cinema to look like a glass ship

21.06.2017 19:20
Gardens and a café will be on the roof of the renovated building.

Virtuality Attractions at VDNH

20.06.2017 19:00
Virtuality Theme Park has been opened in Pavilion 55 Elektrifikatsiya (Electrification) at VDNH

Improvement of pedestrian zones begins at Zaryadye Park

14.06.2017 19:00
An innovative paving system allows integrating lawns, flowers, shrubs and even trees into pavements.

Capybara born at the Moscow Zoo

02.06.2017 18:30
You can see the baby capybara inside the South America enclosure.

Awful Storm in Moscow

29.05.2017 23:00
A powerful storm left at least 11 people dead, and over 50 others asked for medical assistance in Moscow after a storm, mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Monday.

Renovation programme participants to receive housing in one and the same district

23.05.2017 20:00
Between 15 May-15 June, people can vote on the Active Citizen website and at My Documents integrated government services centres to include their residential buildings in...

Moscow rated best city for business and event tourism

26.05.2017 19:00
Russia hosted the first Business Traveler Awards international ceremony for the first time.

Tea party with a gigantic samovar to be held on Russia Day

15.05.2017 17:55
On Russia Day, 12 June, a huge samovar named Moscow that can hold 300 litres will be brought to the capital of Russia. In all, 500 persons will be able to drink tea from ...

Bicycle season kicks off at Luzhniki

02.05.2017 20:30
Borrow a bike for free and pedal along embankments

Ice palace with 3D facade and three-metre hockey player images to be built in Moscow

25.04.2017 23:00
The new venue will host hockey games, and will also feature a public ice skating rink.

Old mansions to open for the public during Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage

17.04.2017 23:45
For the first time, there will be tours of the Old Church built in the years 1591-1593, and also the chambers of Boyar Duma member Averky Kirillov on the Bersenevskaya Em...

2017 Rally Masters Show

07.04.2017 23:30
On 21 and 22 April, the Krylatskoye Rowing Canal will host the annual Rally Masters Show 18

April Race

05.04.2017 23:30
People fond of running will take their mark at the first race of the season on 9 April. On this day, they will run the five-kilometre April Race round Luzhniki.

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