Ten Most Popular Roofs of Moscow

25.10.2016 19:00
To get breathtaking shots of Moscow, to feel the boundless freedom of height, to get rid of dull routine you can get all that at once having climbed on one of the roofs.

Residents in historical clothing will ride period bikes in uptown Moscow

21.10.2016 00:00
A costumed bike ride is scheduled for Saturday, 22 October, in central Moscow, with a group of residents in period costumes set to ride bikes produced between 1880 and 19... 4

Arts for all: Arts Night to take place in Moscow

17.10.2016 19:30
More than 270 cultural establishments in Moscow will open after 6 pm and work until late.

Top deals at Moscow's best hotels

12.10.2016 18:00
Moscow has great hotels to suit every budget. Let us find the one for you.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

05.10.2016 17:30
There are moments when you want to come back in the childhood for a short while, because there were so many interesting things that we remember cordially till now. 3

National Walking Day

29.09.2016 18:50
Those who enjoy active pastimes can take part in the Moscow stage of National Walking Day, which will be held for the second time at Vorobyovy Gory.

City equestrian center at VDNH

27.09.2016 18:15
The city equestrian center is open in the pavilion #48 “Sheep breeding” at VDNH. The experienced instructors teach all kinds of equestrian sports. The center also provide...

Moscow Nightlife – Bars and Clubs

26.09.2016 18:30
Moscow is most commonly known for being one of the capital cities that usually attracts tourists through its numerous cultural, historical and spiritual landmarks. 4

Russian Railways joins campaign for protection of Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard

23.09.2016 17:20
Train number 1/2 "Russia" Moscow - Vladivostok was given a ceremonial send-off on its departure from Yaroslavl station in Moscow on 19 September 2016.

The Trinity Monastery of St. Sergii

20.09.2016 19:30
The monastery is named after St. Sergii of Radonezh, a 14th century monk from Rostov whose pious, ascetic existence attracted numerous followers to the hermit's retreat.

Moscow Nightlife: Best Clubs to Party in 2016

19.09.2016 17:30
Slowing global economy, Russian ruble falling to the lowest levels since 1998 and drastic decrease of consumer income are just some of the bad things that we’ll continue ... 6

The 8 Best Restaurants in Moscow

15.09.2016 18:00
Dining in Moscow is varied and exciting.

10 Culturally Significant Hotels in Moscow

12.09.2016 17:00
Russia’s capital is known for its complex history, its extravagant architectural monuments and its status as the most populous city in Europe. What follows is a list of t...

Izmailovsky Park

05.09.2016 18:00
For many centuries Izmailovsky Park has been a favourite relaxation spot for Muscovites.

August 2016 sets record as Moscow’s rainiest ever

25.08.2016 20:15
Moscow has received about 170 mm of rainfall over the past 25 days

Moscow International Automobile Salon

24.08.2016 19:00
Moscow International Automobile Salon (МIAS), the leading national automotive event of the year, is held in Russia in accordance with the exhibition calendar of the Organ...

Moscow among top three world cities as regards infrastructure development

19.08.2016 17:00
"As regards the rates of development of the infrastructures convenient for city dwellercs, we're definitely among the top three cities of the world," Mayor Sergei Sobyani...

Free RunClub sessions

16.08.2016 18:00
Train with professionals every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday free of charge. The Adidas RunClub signpost has appeared at the South Entrance. 6

During the City Day Moscow monuments will recite poems

15.08.2016 18:30
During the festival, the monuments to poets and writers will recite their poems and prose. 5

Scarecrow in Odintsovo

10.08.2016 18:00
In Odintsovo in one of the kindergarten you can see a scarecrow.

Brateevo park

09.08.2016 19:00
Recently in Moscow has been created a river park with the aim of linking the green and blue structures of the landscape into the urban fabric.

Best of Moscow Aerial FPV flights

08.08.2016 22:00
The best Moscow views from bird's-eye height

Imperial Russia Trans Siberian Express

05.08.2016 18:05
Travelling in the luxury of the Imperial Russia train, visiting many of the largest historical and cultural centres of the vast Russian Empire, is an incredible way to jo...

Port at VDNH

03.08.2016 22:50
This summer the entertainment complex "Port at VDNH" opened its second seasonю The complex has four pools, the area with sun loungers, jacuzzi, four volleyball courts, pi...

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