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Monuments, sculptures

Cat with a sausage

06.08.2015 23:07
A cat, dressed in jeans with suspenders and with a sausage in his paw took a seat at the corner of a dwelling house in Talalikhina Street, 8. 31

Giant palms in the park

04.08.2015 20:16
You can see this sculptural composition in the Park of the 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution. . 31

Monument to M.I. Kutuzov

27.07.2015 17:30
The monument to M.I. Kutuzov (sculptors – N.V. Tomsky, A.I. Beldyushkin, B.E. Edunov, A.A. Murzin, A.N. Tomsky, architect – L.G. Golubovsky) was unveiled in 1973 in Kutuz... 30

Make Way for Ducklings Statues

10.07.2015 21:48
This unusual monument has been fixed up in the park near the Novodevichy Convent: a bronze mother-duck takes eight bronze ducklings to the pond. 46

Fountain "Princess Turandot "

09.04.2015 23:49
One of the most long-suffering fountains in Moscow which no one vandal passes by is a fountain "Princess Turandot ". The fountain is located not far from the theater na... 157

Astounding Sculpture "The Soldier sleeps, and the service goes!"

06.04.2015 23:36
The sculpture to a careless or maybe very tired guard was installed at the shopping centre «Tretyakov Plaza» in 2007. 69

Monument “Möbius strip”

17.12.2014 22:47
This monument is one of the most unusual in our capital. It is situated next to the cinema-theater "Horizon" and from a distance resembles a female figure, but in fact ... 136

Sculptures in the courtyard of the Theatre-Studio directed by Tabakov

10.12.2014 22:15
If you turn to the left from Chistoprodny boulevard into the depth of the near-by yards you may find the famous “Tabakerka” (snuff-box) theatre directed by Oleg Tabakov... 164

Monument to Shalyapin

08.12.2014 21:41
The author of the monument is Vadim Tserkovnikov. According to the author’s conception the monument should depict the singer reclining, leaning against a huge tree torn... 163

Characters of Krylov's fables at Patriarch's Ponds

28.11.2014 20:44
There’s really something magical at that place glorified by Bulgakov and maybe that is why nobody will be much surprised to see here the famous characters of favorite K... 181

Recreated Sculpture in Neskuchnii Garden

25.09.2014 16:02
Last October in Neskuchnii Garden a basement disc of some sculpture was found. The specialists distinguished in the fragments a part of the foot and folds of clothing. ... 206

Monument to Vladimir Zvarygin

17.09.2014 16:39
This monument to the great engineer and inventor of television Vladimir Zvorykin was unvailed in 2013, on the day of his 125th anniversary. The monument was created by ... 275

Monument to Joseph Brodsky

01.09.2014 21:08
The monument to Joseph Brodsky, a Russian poet and the winner of the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature, was installed in May 2011 in Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow. The monu... 216

The sculptural group "Make Way for Ducklings"

09.01.2013 19:57
The sculptural group "Make Way for Ducklings" in Moscow is a duplicate of the sculpture, which is located in Boston, USA. In 1991, Barbara Bush gave this sculpture to R... 1510

Monument "Compassion" to a mongrel stray dog

28.07.2012 00:33
There are many meaningful monuments in Moscow. This monument entitled "Compassion" was installed at Mendeleevskaya metro station. As it is engraved on the pedestal, "th... 2009

Monument to Processed cheese

15.05.2012 13:14
Not far from the metro station "Dmitrovskaya" you can find an interesting monument to the famous Russian processed cheese called "Friendship" ("Drujba" in Russian). The... 1014

Wailing wall in Moscow

04.07.2011 15:25
Author: Anastasiya It's interesting that Moscow has its own Wailing wall. It is located in Spaso-Glinishevsky lane opposite the synagogue. It is small, only 15x3 meter... 1254

Monument to a Street Cleaner

30.05.2011 23:17
The sculptural composition "Rostokinsky Street Cleaner" is located in Rostokino District (the northeast administrative district of Moscow). In this region people decide... 1235

The Guardsmen's Memorial in Dubosekovo

30.05.2011 21:45
According to the sign on the commemorative plate of the monument, the Twenty-Eight Panfilov Guardsmen fighted to the bitter end and defeated fascists in the violant bat... 1871

Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

30.05.2011 21:23
The monument to the popular heroes of Conan Doyle' stories by Andrey Orlov takes place in front of the British Embassy on the Smolenskaya embankment in Moscow. It is th... 1291

Iron Angel

01.01.1970 06:00
At the entrance to Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center, there is an interesting sculpture - an angel in a red kerchief. Some people call it a miracle-angel, o... 0

«The Tree of Life» by Ernst Neizvestny

01.01.1970 06:00
"I think of sculpture not as a person, animal or other natural or geometrical form situated in space: the sculpture contains within itself a dialogue between spirit and... 0

Monument to Sholokhov on Gogol Boulevard

01.01.1970 06:00
Russian writer Mikhail Sholokhov is known all over the world as the author of the novel “And Quiet Flows the Don”. He was awarded a Nobel Prize for it. An unusual monu... 0

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