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Window to Paris at Kropotkinskaya Metro Station

Author: Irina (Irinitsa) I studied abroad several years ago and travelled to different countries when I had free time. Once I spent a weekend in Paris. First of all, I went to the historical heart of the city - the Ile de la Cite - one of two remaining natural islands in the Seine. I visited the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, still being impressed by the famous musical of the same name. Walking up the boulevard, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and peered into the window of the palace Conciergerie. And there... I could see Kropotkinskaya metro station in Moscow that was originally called "Palace of the Soviets". For a moment, I even believed in the existence of a portal in the Moscow underground - a magical doorway that connects two different locations in time or space.

Of course, there are no detailed similarity between the station and the palace. But the atmosphere, created by the shining colonnade and the specific magic light, makes these two totally different places look alike.

It has been long since my trip to Paris and the palace of justice Conciergerie is becoming more and more faint in my memory in contrast to Kropotkinskaya station. And every time I come to the station, I remember the island in the center of Paris and think: "May be, it's really a portal?". There is an air of mystery about the station.

I offer you some photos of the Conciergerie and the metro station so that you could compare them with each other.

1. The station:

The source of the first photo: The source of the second photo:

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