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Antiques Market in Izmaylovo

There are plenty of impressive buildings in Izmaylovo, even though they all are modern replicas: painted turrets and flags basking in the sun, towers reconstructing architecture of old Europe and suddenly changing into pseudorussian motifs. But the main place that attracts visitors here is a real antiques market where you can find any things of Soviet Epoch: posters, badges, record players, suitcases, paintings and even furniture. Even if you don't buy anything for practice use or just as a souvenir, anyway, you will see plenty of amazing items. And if you ask sellers about their intended purpose or history, you will have an interesting excursion. If you suddenly need a rusty axe or a round-bellied samovar, now you know where to find it :)

Address: 73j, Izmaylovskoe Highway, Moscow.

Author of the article and photos: prevedva

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