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Restaurant "Zhukovka"

The restaurant "Zhukovka" is a cosy place in Moscow which anybody can enjoy in some way. Quiet colours and unusual elements in the design create an atmosphere of comfort and piece. One of the walls in the restaurant is glass. It faces the busy Marshal Zhukov Prospect and demonstrates all the beauty of the city. The restaurant is situated in a very good place. Lots of people come there on their way to Silver Pinewood and out-of-town villages as well as just to have dinner and wait till the evening traffic jam on Zvenigorodskoe Highway is over.

The interior space geometry of the restaurant creates nice seats to enjoy your time: classic round tables for ceremonial lunches, high back sofas, which gives you an opportunity to take rest in comfort after a long working day and communicate with your business partners, and tables for romantic meetings at the windows.

On the weekend the permanent visitors of the restaurant come there to enjoy their leisure time and then go to the center of Moscow for some night entertainments.

The menu at the restaurant offers a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes with a slight Italian accent.

The most popular dishes of the cuisine are tartar from wild seabass and a mix of lettuce and raspberry sauce that tastes very good with the soft fish. If you taste a salad with conger eel and fried mozzarella, you will enjoy an unusual combination of fish and unflavoured cheese.

One of the most popular dishes at the restaurant is different kinds of rissoles: chicken rissoles with mashed potatoes, fish cakes with spinach, rabbit cutlets with vegetables and truffle butter. At any time of the year the menu offers vegetarian dishes for those who keep their figure. It's worth to mention that skill of the chief cook can be evaluated not only by tasting any of his dishes, but also watching the process of cooking. For example, you can watch how the beef tartar or spaghetti inside a whole cheese pecorino are cooking just beside your table. It is like a cooking show.

In one part of the menu you will find 10 different kindes of pizza baked on thin pastry. Permanent visitors of the restaurant consider that pizza at "Zhukovka" is one of the best in the city. I would recommend you to taste the following three pizzas: the one with tuna and sweet red onion, spicy pizza with bresaola, mozzarella, rucola and truffle butter, and the one with pear and gorgonzola cheese.

Also, the restaurant offers lots of fish dishes. You can choose a fish in a raw state like at the real fish market and wait for your dish, drinking a glass of white wine. The way fish dishes are served is very impressive: burning fish will be cut in your presence. Grilled meat and fish dishes are cooked in the josper at high tempratures, in order to make a tasty crust on the piece of meat or fish and save their juiciness and odour.

I can't say nothing about an excellent wine list at the restaurant, which presents the best wines of France, Italy, Spain, the USA, Chille, Argentine, Australia. Even if you are an expert in wines, you will find the wine to your taste. The sommelier of the restaurant will help you to choose the best wine.

In the evening it is especially romantic at the restaurant: soft light of candles, piano music...

On Sunday the restaurant hosts funny holidays for children! From 13.00 until evening children can take part in cooking and art master classes.

  • The average bill is 1 500 - 2 500 rubles.
  • The restaurant offers 150 seats and a separate VIP-room for 20 people.
  • Address: 41/1, Marshal Zhukov Prospect.
  • The nearest metro stations: Polejaevskaya, Oktyabrskoe pole.
  • Working hours: from 12.00 until the last guest.
  • Website of the restaurant:
  • The group on Facebook
  • You can reserve a place at the restaurant at this number: +7(495) 287-70-15.

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