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A wonderful wooden yard in Partizanskaya Street

In Kuntsevo district, at the intersection of two Moscow streets - Partizanskaya and Molodogvardeyskaya, there is a wonderful wooden yard for children created by a local resident, a father of three kids - Andrew Salnikov. Everything in the playground is made from wood! An automobile "Partisan" and a trailer with a cannon, a house of Baba Yaga (a famous hag in Slavic folklore), a big ship and some other objects.

The officials of the city were going to demolish that hand-made playground for children, because the objects were created without any permission and security check. However, local residents organized a protest rally and the yard was saved. I talked with a few local old women and they said that everybody was happy to have such an amazing place for children in front of the house.

  • Address: 20, Partizanskaya Street. The metro station "Molodejnaya". 

Author of the article and photos: serge_elephant

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