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Curling Club "Ice Planet"

After watching the Olympic Games I wondered where in Moscow one can play curling. Soon the answer was found – it is a curling club "Ice Planet ". The place is really pleasant and cosy. There is a restaurant where you can have a meal after the game. One hour game from Monday to Thursday will cost you 5000 rubles and you will hardly find the cheaper clubs in Moscow. Note that for a entire game you will need at least six players. A lesson with an instructor will cost you 800 rubles per hour.


The cost of one game on one track from Monday till Thursday – 5000 r./hour.

The cost of one game on one track on Saturday and Sunday – 5990 r./hour.

The cost of one game on one track on Friday 10000 r./hour.

Instructor for a tournament – 800 r./hour. 

  • Address: Metro stations Domodedovskaya Zyablikovo, Voronezhskaya Street 13li>
  • Website:

Author of the report: Irina Tkachuk.

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