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Double-decker train starts operating on Moscow - St. Petersburg route

Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, launches a new double-decker train №5/6 on Moscow - St. Petersburg route. The first trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow is scheduled for February 1, 2015, and in the opposite direction - for February, 2. Tickets are already on sale.


The train will run daily. It will depart from Moscow and St. Petersburg at 22:50 and arrive in Moscow on the next day at 6:47 AM and in St. Petersburg at 6:44 AM. The train has only 2nd class carriages - cabins for 4 people. There is a staff car with a compartment equipped especially for disabled passengers and those who accompany them. The train also has a restaurant car.

Travelling by this train you can enjoy comfort at affordable price. The route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow is included in the system of dynamic pricing, which means that you get the best price if making the booking at early stages. Electronic tickets are available in this train and you can book them online at this website.

Website: RussianRail.

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