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The International architectural contest

ABOUT THE CONTEST The International architectural contest for the development of an architectural concept of the Atomic Energy Pavilion on the VDNH territory shall be conducted in three stages:


Over a long period of time, the nuclear sector was wrapped in a shroud of mystery. Now it is time to show to the society the objective history of the native nuclear industry, present it as a safe, high-technology sphere making a considerable contribution into modern economic development of our country, as well as to provide the general public with accessible information on the accomplishments and the modern period of the industry history. The course on the openness and informing the public are strategically very important for the State Corporation ROSATOM, and they should be maximally reflected in the Atomic Energy Pavilion at VDNH. The Pavilion shall not just become an up-to-date exhibition area demonstrating innovations and achievements of the modern nuclear industry, not just a depository of artifacts and documents, but also a communication forum where ROSATOM could have a continuous dialogue with its audiences.

«We would like to make the Pavilion equally interesting to people of different ages and occupations, so that it strikes one’s imagination not only with the informativity of exhibitions, understanding of technologies, but also becomes a trendy forum for sharing opinions and involves people into discussions on the scientific and technical issues.» (CEO ROSATOM Sergey Kirienko).

The Atomic Energy Pavilion shall be constructed on the territory of the Exhibition of achievements of national economy (JSC «VDNH») in Moscow.

The area of the construction site is 6,900 sq.m. The site has a shape of a square.

The Pavilion shall have several levels (floors), including the underground one, and the gross area of 15,000 sq.m.



The International architectural contest for the development of an architectural concept of the Atomic Energy Pavilion on the VDNH territory shall be conducted in three stages:

Stage 1 is to be conducted in the format of an international open architectural contest for the development of a Sketch Concept for the Atomic Energy Pavilion on the territory of the Exhibition of achievements of national economy. Based on the Stage 1 results, the Jury will select six Finalists. To participate in Stage 1, we shall accept all the Applicants that conform to the Prequalification Requirements and have submitted their portfolios and other deliverables in accordance with the contest Rules.

Stage 2 includes completing Contracts for the development of an Architectural Concept with the six Finalists of Stage 1; conducting an Introductory Workshop; implementing works within the Contract. The cost of each of the six Contracts is 1,250,000 roubles, including VAT and all the applicable taxes. In addition, the Finalists shall be reimbursed for the attendance of the Introductory Workshop (economy class air tickets, accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Moscow)

Stage 3 includes the expert review of the offers submitted by the Finalists, face-to-face competitive negotiations with each of the six Finalists, in the result of which the Jury together with the Customer’s Expert Board shall select the Author of the best offer and sign the Contract for the development of the design documentation of the Atomic Energy Pavilion.

Prequalification Requirements
Participation in the contest is eligible for the professional Russian and foreign companies being registered for the minimum of 5 years, involved witharchitectural design as their major activity, experienced in the development of design documentation and implementation of the construction of public buildings, museum and exhibition complexes, cultural or educational facilities of the gross area of no less than 10,000 sq.m. that have been authorized to conduct works on the development of the design documentation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

If a foreign company does not have special permission to carry out architectural and design activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, it has to enter a partnership with a Russian partner possessing such permission.

The full list of requirements can be found in the Documentation Kit that shall be sent to each Applicant in reply to their applications.




Stage 1:
22 December, 2014 — Announcement of the International Open Architectural contest for the development of the Pavilion Sketch Concept. Start of accepting Applications for the contest. 
06 March, 2015 16.00 — End of accepting Applications. 
16 - 21 March, 2015 — Jury meeting, selection of 6 Finalists of Stage 1. Announcing 6 Finalists.

Stage 2:
23 March - 10 April, 2015 — Signing Contracts for the Services of Developing Architectural Concept with 6 Finalists of Stage 1.
25 March - 10 April, 2015 — Introductory workshop, construction site visit.
10 April - 09 June, 2015 — Works within the signed Contracts.

Stage 3:
09 June - 26 June, 2015 — Technical Expertise of the offers by the Technical Expert Board.
29 June - 03 July, 2015 — Meeting of the Jury and the Customer’s Expert Board. Evaluation of works and conducting competitive negotiations with each of the six Participants, announcing the Winner.
06 July - 24 July, 2015 — Discussing provisions of the Contract for the development of design documentation and launch of works.



Criteria for the Portfolio Evaluation

  • Applicant’s experience in the development of Project documentation and project implementation of public buildings with an area no less than 10,000 sq. m — 5 points.
  • Applicant’s experience in the development of Project documentation and project implementation of museum and exhibition complexes, corporate museums, cultural and educational facilities — 10 points.
  • Applicant’s experience in the Project documentation and project implementation of public buildings, museum and exhibition complexes, corporate museums, cultural and educational facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation — 10 points.
  • Applicant’s experience in the development of projects using original innovative engineering structural solutions — 10 points.
  • Correlation in the Applicant’s portfolio between developed and implemented projects — 5 points.

Criteria for the Sketch Concept evaluation:

  • Correspondence of the Sketch Concept to the architectural ideology and the communication concept stated in the Specification and to the goals set for the Pavilion by the Customer.
  • Conceptual solution — creation of a unique architectural image.
  • Size of the building and its divisions.
  • Implementation of the concept of a sphere symbolizing an atom and being an obligatory element according to the Specifications, its design.
  • Implementation of the concept of the media facade making an integral composite element with the sphere. Supposed technologies and materials.
  • Implementation of one of the zones of permanent expositions suggested by the Participant.
  • Offering a solution for a plan extract of the ground floor and for a plan extract of the entrance group taking into account its correspondence to the general idea offered by the Participant.

Criteria of the Architectural Concept evaluation:

  • Conceptual solution — creation of a unique, memorable architectural image.
  • Correspondence of the Architectural Concept to the general communication concept of the Pavilion.
  • Constructability and innovativeness of the design solutions.
  • Quality of the town-planning solutions and integration of the facility to the surrounding territory of VDNH.
  • Quality of the Pavilion’s interior space, its functionality and zoning.
  • Safety and reliability of the applied technologies.
  • Cost-effectiveness of construction, operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Project feasibility — in compliance with the construction rules and regulations accepted in the Russian Federation.
  • Application of environmentally-friendly materials and technologies, energy saving and other «green» technologies.



The Jury unites representatives of the Competition Customer (GC “Rosatom”), administration of the city of Moscow, VDNH, acknowledged international and Russian architects, museum experts. The list of the Jury:

Sergei V. Kirienko — Chief Executive Officer, ROSATOM, Co-chair of Jury N 1
Sergei O. Kuznetsov — Chief Architect of Moscow, Co-chair of Jury N 2
Massimiliano Fuksas (Italy) — Architect, President of Studio Fuksas
Rem Koolhaas (Netherlands)  — Architect, founder of OMA studio
Sergei G. Novikov — Director of Communications Department, ROSATOM
Vladimir I. Pogrebenko — CEO of VDNH
Alexandr A. Tsibaikin  — Chief Architect of VDNH
Dr. Michael Henker (Germany) — President ICOM Germany
Anton Y. Belov — Director of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Dmitry A. Likin — Art Director, Chanel One Russia
Andrei L. Gnezdilov — Chief Architect of Genplan Institute of Moscow
Ekaterina O. Larionova — Head of Chair of Regional Development, SPP RANEPA
Mihail B. Starostin — Das Werk, autor of the communication concept of the pavilion


The history of the Russian nuclear industry started with implementation of the Soviet «nuclear project.» The nuclear project of the USSR was planned in the difficult war years and implemented over a very short period. Thanks to this project, the modern nuclear industry was established in our country.

The Russian nuclear industry is one of the flagships of the country‘s scientific-technical potential and one of the most advanced and globally competitive sectors of the domestic economy. R&D advances in reactor engineering, nuclear fuel, processing technologies, experience in experience in Nuclear Power Plants, as well as NPP’s staff qualification are certainly the national asset of the Russian Federation. Today the Russian nuclear industry is a powerful complex comprising more than 350 enterprises and organizаtions employing over 255 000 people.

The industry’s structure consists of the four large research and manufacturing сomplexes: nuclear fuel cycle enterprises, nuclear power generation, nuclear weapons complex and research institutes and the most powerful nuclear icebreaker fleet in the world.

The State Corporation ROSATOM is one of the leaders in the world nuclear industry. It holds the 2nd place in the world by the uranium reserves, the 5th place by the output, the 4th place by the nuclear energy production. It controls 40% of the world market of uranium enrichment and 17% of the nuclear fuel market.

Project Customer:
State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

Project Organizer:
Private institution «Historical and Cultural Center» of the State Corporation ROSATOM

Russia, 119017, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Ordynka, d. 24, office 121
Tel.: +7 (925) 809-02-05


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