Willi Wonka Cafe

Not far from Rijskaya metro station, there is a cafe with unusual interior and very delicious and cheap cakes. If you need to organize a holiday for children or surprise your friend by going out to an unusual place, I recommend you to visit this cafe. There are no exhausted waiters, and you will always find a free place there. You can come there just to have a cup of tea and take rest in quiet atmosphere, and nobody will disturb you. The cafe is located in such a way that the entrance is right in Prospect Mira, which is a noisy and bustle filled street. However, the entrance is somehow unnoticeable, despite the sign on the cafe. I couldn't find it for the first time myself, even with a map)) That is why it is a very quite place. There are two rooms inside. I recommend you the second one, which is far from the entrance. You will have a chance to sit quietly with a book or a notebook and a teapot. The interior is very nice, like children's rooms with small tables and armchairs. The cafe speciality is chocolate.

Some menu items:

- speciality from Villi "A crazy cup" (whipped cream, biscuits, nuts, syrup, cream) - 150 g./200 rub.
- "Creamy Hills in Chocolate" (tiramisu) - 100 g./120 rub.
- "Violetta" (cheese cake with blueberry) - 150 g./150 rub.
- "Berry glade" (berry cake) - 100 g./150 rub.

Hot chocolate:
- Classical hot chocolate (bitter) - 100 ml./150 rub.
- Coconut chocolate (milk chocolate with coconut syrup) - 200 ml./190 rub.
- Mint chocolate (milk chocolate with mint syrup and cinnamon) - 200 ml./190 rub.
- Mexican hot chocolate (milk chocolate with vanilla and cinnamon) - 200 ml./210 rub.

Also, you can have different fruit cocktails, fresh-pressed juice, coffee, tea, sandwiches and salads, ice-cream.

Website of the cafe

Working hours:

1) Monday-Friday, 11.00 - 22.00
2) Saturday-Sunday, 12.00 - 22.00

Address: Moscow, 75, Prospect Mira, str. 1 (several minutes from Rijskaya metro station)

Сайт заведения: www.wonkacafe.ru

Author of the article and photos: prevedva

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