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Complex of a Good Food «Stolovaya №57» in GUM

On the third floor of GUM in the very center of Moscow, there is an excellent cafe where you can taste very delicious and nourishing food for reasonable prices. Complex of a Good Food "Stolovaya №57" is saturated with spirit of the soviet past in its interiors and on the menu: crimson cloths and white oilcloths on the tables, posters with some cheerful slogans on the walls, dishes cooked according to the soviet state standards and recipes from the "Book about Delicious and Healthy Food". The menu is diverse: many different soups, second dishes, salads, meat dishes, desserts and patties. Here you can drink kefir or ryazhenka (fermented baked milk) from faceted glasses or taste soda from the automatic machine.

Visitors of the cafe serve themselves: they take trays at the entrance and, passing along the line of dispensation of food, choose dishes, which they like. And, honestly, those viands smell very aromaticly and look appetizing. The line, along which you will be moving you tray, taking meat rissoles or sausages, is rather long. And if you are hungry, you will want to take everything. So you can easily overestimate your abilities and fill your tray with the first and second dishes, dessert, compote and something else delicious and toasted, and you will not be able to eat all that :-) Portions at this cafe are really very rich, and the dishes are very nourishing.

There is a special schedule for soups in "Stolovaya №57". For example, on Monday you can taste okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat), chicken noodle soup and "Ukrainian" borsh, on Thursday - beet, cabbage and salmon soups. Every day something new. The price of one soup is 65-70 rubles. Those, who wouldn't like to drink tea or compote, can take beer and some strong drinks at the bar.

The menu with prices

"Stolovaya № 57" is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The cafe is located on the third floor, third line of GUM - see on the map

Page of the cafe on the website of GUM.

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