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Graffiti in the Losinoostrovskiy Neighbourhood

About two years ago in the Losinoostrovskiy neighbourhood of Moscow (Babushkinskaya Metro Station), between Izumrudnaya Street and Yantarniy Passage, a group of Russian and Dutch artists created 12 vivid and professional graffiti on the walls of several similar old brick five-storey buildings. The artists had a serious attitude to their work. They didn't leave a clear piece in their paintings, including even window frames. Taking into account that this neighbourhood is rather quiet and looks more like a small cosy town in contrast to the megalopolis, these bright spots of graffiti are in totally different style. They suddenly catch your eye and suprise you at their boldness and originality when you walk in the yards with children playgrounds and side streets.

Author of the article and photos: varjanis

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