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Informal Moscow Yards

It is wonderful when Moscow yards are beautified with lawn, flowers, etc. But it is especially good when residents, not only yardmen, look after the yards themselves. You can feel all sincerity, energy and soul that they put into their work. Unfortunately, there are not many yards of that kind in Moscow, that is why they stand out sharply against the background of the others. I call your attention to three of informal yards. The photos were taken in different periods of time and neighbourhoods of Moscow.

Author of the article and photos: serge_elephant

1) 7-2, the Second Chernogryazskaya Street (Presnya): 

2) 7-1, the Second Voykovsky Passage, not far from metro station Voykovskaya. It is written on the sign that the yard was created and is still looked after by Shilin I.M - one of the residents of the house. Lots of sculptures of different animals were installed in the yard. More than 20! Behind the house, there is a playground with numerous soft toys. And three letter plates with requests: "Please, don't scatter rubbish and toys!", "No smoking and alcohol allowed on the playground", and "No dogs allowed".

3) 6, Shelepikhinskaya Embankment. The squirrel from the cartoon "Icy Age":

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