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Moscow Nightlife: Best Clubs to Party in 2016

moscow nightlife
Moscow nightlife review

This means that the Moscow nightlife scene is in the process of adapting to the new reality. We’ll definitely see a lot of places get shot down in the upcoming years. At the same time high quality clubs and restaurants will be able to do much better and live through the difficult times.


Moscow Nightlife Rising Star: Konstructor

Konstruktor club is one of the new night clubs that appeared on the Moscow nightlife scene in 2015. It is located slightly outside the central part of the city at the premises of the former Badaev Beer factory. This area is familiar to those who like to visit another well known Moscow night club called Krysha Mira. Similar to “Krysha”, the entrance of the new club can be reached from the embankment of the Moscow River.

moscow nightlife
Konstruktor Club

Inside Konstruktor you will find a lot of similarities with another fallen star of Moscow nightlife, the club called Solyanka. It has been shut down a year ago because of some rental disputes which was a great disaster for its main crowd. Konstruktor consists of several rooms that resemble an apartment and surround the dance floor. There is a kid’s room with orange furniture, a kitchen and the main living room that has a DJ Booth. Konstruktor is a pretty large club that can accommodate 1000 guests at a time. One of its main features is the high class sound system that is specifically accustomed to play electronic music. In fact the music policy at Konstruktor will focus on high quality underground sound and DJs. By the way Austra was the headliner band at the club’s opening party:


Konstruktor will definitely become one of the most notable places on the Moscow nightlife scene in 2016.


Mishka Bar from St. Petersburg in Moscow

Another place called Mishka Bar started functioning on the Moscow nightlife scene in 2015. Mishka Bar is a well known hipster type of place in Saint Petersburg. They have decided to hold weekly parties in Moscow at the premises of the Blum Café located in the center of the city on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.

moscow nightlife
Mishka Bar in Moscow

Mishka in Moscow has a casual atmosphere with a young crowd and high quality electronic music that includes a lot of Disco and Funk. I like this place because it reminds me of the earlier version of Propaganda club. There is a disco ball hanging from the ceiling of the dance floor and people actually come here to dance.
Weekly parties took place from April till the end of November 2015. Mishka will return to Bolshaya Dmitrovka in April 2016.




Moscow Nightlife Hardest to Get Into: Troyka Multispace

There is a historic mansion located on Yuzskaya street that hosts one of most closed Moscow night clubs called Tryka Multispace. Inside there are engineering systems that allow to transform the club’s interior by changing the floor levels and moving the stage.

moscow nightlife
Troyka Multispace

That’s the only venue on the Moscow nightlife scene that opens its doors only once a month. This means that these guys do a great job in preparing for their parties that feature top of the line underground DJs and extravagant performances. Every month a large number of expensive autos line up near the entrance of Troyka to bring guests directly to the club’s doors. Troyka has a lot of similarities with Krysha Mira. This is quite reasonable considering the fact that its creators used to be part of the “Krysha” team.



Moscow Nightlife at Patriarch Ponds: Kianu

There is a new restaurant and bars cluster developing in the Patriarch Ponds area of Moscow similar to the degrading Krasny Oktyabr. This new area is much more compact and upscale, plus it has a much better historic location. In summer the main street in front of all the main venues here gets filled with beautiful crowd moving from one place to another.

moscow nightlife
Keanu Bar

The bar called Kianu is located next door to one of my favorite bars on the Moscow nightlife scene called Klava.
Kianu is a tiny place with DJs playing nice underground house music. It gets extremely packed on summer weekends. Kianu can’t accommodate all of its guests, so half of the visitors prefer to hang out outside with their glasses of wine.



These are some of the new places on the Moscow nightlife scene that I think will be worth visiting in 2016. Of course there are clubs like Duran BarSiberiaSoho RoomsKrysha Miraand more casual Propaganda that will remain to be popular in any economic conditions.
Check out my newly compiled list of the Moscow restaurants that will be very popular during summer of 2016!
See you on the dance floor! 

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