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Cafe «Bolognese»

I've recently been to a very nice cafe, which is called "Bolognese" and offers Italian and exotic cuisine. I"m still under the impression of the cafe, because I had been looking for such a place for a long time before. Here you can have a business meeting on weekdays or enjoy your time in a good company at the weekend. Not every cafe is appropriate for such diverse events. For example, in a usual restaurant you can feel not very comfortable with your friends, because of too attentive waiters or an official atmosphere. And it is not comfortable to invite your business associates to a usual cafe with a standard menu. "Bolognese" combines delicacy with a nice and informal atmosphere. And everything is very delicious here!

At first, I'd like to describe you the interior of the cafe as it will be the first that will get your attention. The design of "Bolognese" is very well organized. It includes three rooms with a special appeal in every of them. In the first room, which is the closest one to the entrance, you'll find a bar with many high wooden chairs. The chairs are not simple. The cafe is located in the same building with the Moscow Lenkom Theatre that has featured many of the most famous Russian artists. And many of the artists are regular visitors of the cafe "Bolognese", such as Sergei Stepanchenko, Inna Churikova, Sergei Chonishvili, Alexandra Zakharova, Dmitry Pevtsov and others. In the cafe they use personal chairs signed with their names on the chair hacks.

The middle room is the most comfortable place, in my opinion. Among other details of its interior, I especially like the cupboards and shelves with plenty of pickling jars, jugs, vine bottles, polka-dot plates and lampshades. The lampshades look like woven baskets and give a very soft and scattered light, which helps you feel relaxed and fully enjoy your time there.

The distinctive design elements of the third non-smoking room are mirrors and photos of different actors on the walls. It is rather noisy and crowded on Friday evenings and at the weekends, but it is a very quite place on weekdays.

Except the rooms described above, there is a summer terrace at the cafe.

And now, the menu. It offers rather a big choice of Italian and Japanese dishes for reasonable prices. Not cheap, but I think that sometime it's worth to taste something like a citrous salad with duck meat or a salad with chicken liver and grapefruit served up with a raspberry dressing. Everything was so appetizing that I forgot to take photos of my dishes and hurried to taste them :). The Japanese part of the menu includes sushi, rolls, sashimi, but I prefered Italian cuisine. Also, I advise you to taste the lemonade at "Bolognese", it is very delicious. The bar menu offers a big variety of strong drinks: 30 different types of wines, many liqueurs, cocktails and others.

A middle bill is 800-1000 rubles.

The service staff are all very polite and friendly. The foreign pop music is not irritating and helps you to relax as well.

Working hours: from 12:00 until 00:00.

Address: 6, Malaya Dmitrovka, metro stations: Pushkinskaya, Chehovskaya, Tverskaya. - 

Website of the cafe

Page on Facebook

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