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A big flea market in Moscow on September 27-30

On September 27-30, Tishinka Commercial Center will host a big flea market and exhibition, where you will find lots of beautiful antique and vintage things. The fair will occupy one and a half thousand meters of the building. It is a rare opportunity to feel a special atmosphere of the past. Every item of the market has its own unique history and is in a single copy. You will not find such things at the supermarkets.

  • Address: 1/1, Tishinskaya Square, Tishinka Commercial Center, the exhibition hall T-Modul.
  • The nearest metro station: "Belorusskaya".
  • Entrance fee: 200 rubles.
    On Friday, September 28, from 12.00 until 14.00 entrance will be free.
  • Working hours:
    on Thursday and Friday from 12.00 until 21.00,
    on Saturday from 11.00 until 21.00,
    on Sunday from 11.00 until 20.00.
  • Phone number: +7(925) 585-7274.
  • Website:
  • The source of the photos: group on Facebook

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