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“Losev House” Library

The library was opened on September 23, 2004. Today many Muscovites and guest of our capital have a chance to visit this cultural center. There are two reading rooms in the library: a common one and a scientific reading room. In the halls you will find not only collection of books, but fresh scientific periodicals and directories. And of course you will have access to the largest online libraries all around the globe.



This library named after A. Losev is the place where many interesting scientific seminars, conferences and symposia are held. People come here to participate in conferences and presentations of new books by prominent Russian and foreign scientists, to watch films about outstanding figures of the Russian science and culture.

You can join the library on the spot or on the official website and after having got the invitation you’ll be able to take part in all cultural events and concerts organized by its personal.




Author of the report: Irina Tkachuk.

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