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Ice-hills at the All-Russia Exhibition Center

There are two ice slides at the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Center. The first one – “The Magic Ice-hill” with an automatic elevator is situated in front of pavilion 66 "Culture". It is a giant construction made specially for tubing. Its height is 9 meters and the length of the slide - 120 meters.

This all-season hill is claimed to be the highest and the longest snow slide in Moscow. Its unique covering allows more speedy slide down comparing with natural ice and besides it doesn't depend on weather and temperature. Having hired an ice-boat or a tubing you may start conquering the snowy peaks and the ice valleys.

The second ice slide situated in front pavilion 11 is specially made for children. It is called “Your Ice-hill” and it is absolutely free. It is 6 meters in height and 40 meters in length. Fanciers of healthy time spending can rent tubes and warm themselves with hot tea

  • “The Magic Hill”
    : All-Russia Exhibition Center, in front of pavilion 66.
  • Free children “Your Ice-hill”
    : All-Russia Exhibition Center, in front of pavilion 11.

Author of the report: Irina Tkachuk.

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