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Cafe with the Mediterranean cuisine “Paella House”

There is a nice and very cosy place just in front of Stas Namin’s Theater where you can feel like at the resort. Here, under the palm trees and umbrellas you can have a good time at Paella House café. This is a second café with the Mediterranean cuisine at the territory of Gorky Park opened by Prawns group.



The main dish of “Paella House” may be guessed from the name of the coffee house: it is a paella which is cooked with seafood. Here you may also order a Spanish fries, a crab burger, a watermelon punch, and of course lemonade and tea.

All the food you can take with you.


  • Address: Pushkinskaya Embankment, Gorky Park
  • Opening hours: from 10:00 to 22:00
  • Metro stations: Culture Park and Oktyabrskaya



Author of the report: Ksenia Skrobova.

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