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Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War

In 2006 in Park named after Catherine the Great (in the triangle between Samotechnaya, Delegatskaya and Durov Streets) there was installed a monument to Heroes of the Great Patriotic War. It is dedicated to the residents of the Central District who participated in battles and worked in the name of victory in the rear.



The composition of the monument is simple and symbolic: a Soviet soldier returning home after the war with three children running in front of him, the children for whom he struggled for peace in bloody battles. The monument was created on the initiative of the Council of the Veterans of Labour. Sculptor - Igor Kozlov.


  • Architects: Ilya Bylinkin, Michael Corsi.
  • Address: Durov Street 2
  • Metro stations: Dostoevsky, Prospekt Mira



Author of the report: Ksenia Skrobova.

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