Dubrovitsy is an estate of the princes Golitseny located 20 km from Moscow on the outskirts of the town Podolsk. At present, the estate includes a mansion-house, mews with gotic gates, a park with lime trees, three wings, utility structures and the main sight - a white-stone church built at the end of the 17th century. The church is impressive with its architecture not specific for Russian orthodox temples. The church is famous not only for its unique architecture, but, also, for its mysterious history. It was built between 1690 and 1704. Supposedly, foreign (probably, Italian) masters took part in the building process, they were invited by the prince Golitsyn specially for that purpose. At the main entrance on both sides of the western staircase, there are two white-stone sculptures: St. Gregoriy the Divine with a book on the left side and St. Ioann Zlatoust with a book and mitre at his feet on the right side. Unfortunately, the scupltures are in bad condition now.

Bells, hanging in a free access, attract attention of kids. Untill the early thirties of the 20th century, there was a bell tower instead the bells.

It's easy to get to that place:

By bus: from "Yuznaya" metro station, №417 to the final bus stop "Durovitsy". The road takes 1 hour.

By electric train: Kurskoe direction: metro station Kurskaya - Kurskiy railway station (station Moscow Kurskaya), metro station Textilshiki - p. Tekstilshiki, metro Tsaritsino - then you should take the bus №65 from Podolsk metro station and get to the final train stop "Dubrovitsy". It will take about 20 min.

Author of the article and photos: griqor

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