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Tsaritsino Palace and Park

Tsaritsino is a national historic landmark, which includes a park and an architecture ensemble. It is considered one of the most ecologically clean Russian regions. Tsaritsino architecture ensemble was built in the 18th century according to the royal edict issued by Catherine II. The process of building took 10 years from 1775 to 1785. It is the biggest 18th-century architectural ensemble in pseudo-Gothic style in Russia. It consists of palaces, pavilions, pergolas, arbours, artificial grottos, decorative bridges, rotunda and other constructions. Not a long time ago, buildings were restored to their unique historical appearance. There is a great number of squirrels in the park. They are very sociable and take nuts from visitors' hands with pleasure. Also, multi-colored and musical fontain works there in the evening.

Address: 1, Dolskaya, Moscow.


Author of the article and photos: ajushka

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