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Muranovo Estate

One sunny day of September we decided to visit the Feodor Tyutchev State Museum Muranovo. It has a special place among other museums in Moscow region. The estate is also called The House of Poets, because its history is tightly bound with the names of two famous Russian poets - Yevgeny Baratynsky and Fyodor Tyutchev. At Muranovo estate, the area of outstanding natural beauty is harmoniously combined with the beautiful architecture. There you can feel youself calm, relaxed, easy, like at home...

The Feodor Tyutchev State Museum Muranovo is both a unique memorial of Russian culture of the 19th and the early 20th century and a perfect example of outstanding museum work of the 1920-30s.

In the past Muranovo was an average country estate which consisted of the main house, a church, different residential and household buildings, a garden and a park. The estate and the surrounding landscape make up an inseparable harmony.

The most important place of interest in the estate is the main house which was built in 1842 by Yevgeny Boratynsky. Today it is a complex of literary and everyday life memorials of two great Russian poets, Yevgeny Boratynsky and Feodor Tyutchev. In the main house are also kept the archives of I.S. Aksakov (a poet and Tyutchev's first biographer), N.V. Putyata (a literary critic and a friend of Boratynsky) and L.N. Engelgardt (the author of historical memoirs).

In 1850 Boratynsky's property was shared between his wife and her sister. As a result the estate passed into the hands of the Putyata family. The Putyata carefully stored Boratynsky's heritage: the portraits, the bureau, and different items connected with his literary works and his last journey. Muranovo still remained "the poet's land".

In 1859 N.V. Putyata published "The Memoirs" of his father-in-law L.N. Engelgardt and in 1867 he published Boratynsky's letters with detailed comments. Putyata's relationships in the Russian literary world defined the circle of his guests in Muranovo. Among them were N.V. Gogol, S.I Aksakov, K.S. Aksakov, prince V.F. Odoevsky, princess E.P. Rostopchina, S.A. Sobolevsky, S.D. Poltoratsky and others.

In 1869 Putyata's daughter Olga married Feodor Tyutchev's son Ivan. They continued collection, storage and publication cultural valuables that could be found in Muranovo. A family legend says that Feodor Tyutchev once visited his son in Muranovo, but only after the poet's death the estate became a depository of his heritage. From time to time Tyutchev's autographs, portraits books and personal belongings were brought there from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ovstug, the poet's country estate in the Orel province.

In 1879 I.F. Tyutchev built a wing in the main house for his mother Ernestina, who by that time became a widow. There she was preparing the publication of her husband's works. I.S. Aksakov who was the husband of Tyutchev's elder daughter Anne, also repeatedly visited Muranovo. In 1874 he published the first biography of Tyutchev. His work included both family legends and documented evidence kept in the estate. After Aksakov's death his widow donated to Muranovo a part of her husband's autographs, books and portraits and the setting of his Moscow cabinet. To Muranovo also passed the heritage of N.V. Sushkov who married Tyutchev's sister Daria. In the 1850s he published Tyutchev's poems in his almanac "The rout". In Sushkov's house in Moscow lived Catherine, the poet's daughter who was also involved in Russian literary life. Her sister D.F. Tyutcheva and her brother Ivan published the second, more complete collection of their father's works. After the death of both sisters a lot of portraits, documents and books from their estate Varvarino were brought to Muranovo. So Ivan and Olga Tyutchev became the keepers of the heritage of Boratynsky , Tyutchev, and their contemporaries and relatives.

Muranovo is a rare example of an unravaged family estate where cultural traditions were kept for such a long period of time.

And this house is a place where you can warm yourself for a while and have lunch. The hospitable owners of the cafe will offer you delicious tea, fruit drink, different baked goods, Russian soup and some other dishes.

  • Address: Moscow region, Luganskoe post office, State Museum Muranovo.
  • Getting there: from the Yaroslavski railway station (Moscow) to station Ashukinskaya, then by bus (#34) to station "State Museum Muranovo".
  • Prices for the tickets:
    1. The main house exposition - entrance ticket - 10 rubles, excursion ticket - 20 rubles.
    2. The park and the buildings in its area - excursion ticket - 10 rubles.
  • The historical information about the estate is taken from the oficial website of Muranovo estate.

Author of the article and photos: natalia_13

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