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New Years Eve 2015 in Moscow

Moscow, Russia’s beautiful capital city, is one of those destinations that truly makes the perfect winter holiday destination thanks to the snowy weather which guarantees a “winter wonderland” atmosphere. Join the countless others who will be celebrating New Years Eve 2015 in Moscow, enjoying the festive atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, traditions and rich, long history.


There’s nothing quite like seeing the Red Square, blanketed in snow or the beautiful Moskova River flowing peacefully under a layer or ice, or exploring the vibrant city on New Years Eve.


The city Moscow looks gorgeous and stunning on this eve with its magnificent decoration that covers the entire city. The city offers some grand celebration which you will not found in any other part of the country. So if you are really planning to arrange a vacation in this time to visit world’s best 2015 New Year’s Eve party then Moscow is the best place for you and if you still not convinced about its charming nature then read the article carefully.


If it’s views you’re after, you’ll want to make arrangements to spend the evening in the Sky Lounge which guarantees awesome views of the fireworks. Dining options are also plentiful in Moscow, which is home to more than 5,000 restaurants, serving everything from traditional Russian food to a wide variety of international cuisine. Dining options also vary in price ranges from budget friendly to 5 star dining experiences.



Everyone knows that Russia faces the most vigorous winter season and Moscow becomes the coldest place so if you are planning to visit Moscow in the New Year’s Eve or Christmas you should bring your warmest coat with you. Sometimes the temperature falls to -30 degree Celsius and the 2015 New Year’s Eve witnessed one of the coldest night in last thousands years. Some other parts of Russia experience 24 hours darkness (polar night) at that time but in Moscow you will be able to find little daylight on the New Year’s Day. In Moscow, at this time of the year, the day becomes short and it definitely helps you to get a long night. So obviously you will be able to party throughout the night.

The main NYE celebration of Moscow takes place in the Red Square; the place experiences an epic celebration. You will be able to find a huge crowd or gathering almost like the Times Square in New York. The Red Square looks amazing with the vibrant lights and spectacular fireworks; it actually produces an unparallel beauty that you really cannot avoid. The people in the place become insane at some point of time and enjoy the evening as much as they can. If you don’t like to deal with such a huge crowd then you should avoid this place.


There are many big clubs or discos in Moscow that offer whole night parties and most of the young boys and girls gathered in this place in order to dance like an insane throughout the night. If you really want to join these parties then you should definitely book your tickets little earlier. The clubs or the bars in Moscow offer lavish, louder, bigger and extravagant parties which will definitely amaze you.



You will find many great, well reputed hotels in Moscow that offer some brilliant services and great foods. Some popular hotels are Basilica hotel, Katerina Park and many more. If you plan to send you next holiday in Moscow Russia, early booking is highly recommended as you can enjoy the best price as well the best location for 2015 New Year’s Eve or Christmas celebrations.


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