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Wedding Fashion Moscow 2015

Wedding Fashion Moscow / Bridal Fashion, Eveningwear & Accessories The 27-th International Trade Show


Dates: 2015 August 14, 15, 16



(metro Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury)

Periodicity: biannual

Surface: 15.000 sq.m.

Number of visitors:

More than 13000 shops (including agents, distributors and buying departments) selected and invited from an exhaustive basis of 25 000contacts in Russia and in Ukraine, Byelorussia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kirghizstan, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

Number of exhibitors: 270 – 300

Exhibitor Countries: 20 – 24

- Russia

- Ukraine

- Belorussia

- Kazakhstan

- Romania

- Moldova

- Turkey

- Poland

- Croatia

- Israel

- Egypt

- India

- Taiwan


- England

- France

- Germany

- Spain

- Portugal

- Austria

- Italy

- Czech Republic

- Holland

- Canada

- and others.

Equipped stand price:

380 Euros /sq.m/equipped stand (no VAT)

Registration fee:

300 Euros (no VAT)

Comfort free services:

Consultation with hotel booking and getting "Vouchers" for visa's process.

Consultation to products' convey

Website Wedding Fashion Moscow


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