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The Raphael exhibition at the Pushkin Museum

The Exhibition “Raphael. Poetry image” which will open at the State Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin (Pushkin Museum) on September 12 will strengthen cooperation and initiate joint projects of the Museum and the Uffizi gallery.

The agreement was signed by the heads of the institutions of culture – Marina Loshak and Eike Schmidt at the Embassy of Italy in Moscow.

“It is unlikely that something such as this exhibition, we will be able to repeat in the next five years, some of the paintings have never left the borders of Italy. I think that on the scientific level, the exhibition will be the largest and most important exhibition of Raphael in the world. It will be an important step in our cultural diplomacy in Russia,” TASS quotes the comment of the Ambassador of Italy in Russia Cesare Maria Ragaglini.

We will remind, the exhibition, on which work the specialists of the Moscow and Florence museums, will include about ten of the scenic masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, including “self-Portrait” from the Uffizi gallery. This work 9 September at the Italian Embassy in Moscow on traditional presentation, as it was earlier with the paintings of “flora” by Titian and “Boy bitten by a lizard” by Caravaggio.

What works of Raphael will be presented in Moscow, is not yet specified. It is known that in Russia can be shown portraits of Agnolo Doni and his wife Maddalena Strozzi, and the “Madonna della Sedia” from the gallery Palatina Palazzo Pitti. From the last to the Museum can also bring the “Madonna of Granduca”, and from the Art gallery of Tosio Martinengo in Brescia – “angel”.

“It seems to me extremely important that we work in partnership with the world’s greatest Museum, the Uffizi gallery. Movement towards us, the willingness to make this exhibition – a new understanding of today and the prospects that it promises. Exhibition Rafael – more than just an exhibition, because we expect real change within us,” – said Marina Loshak.

“For Italy national Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin, which we do not get tired to thank for such a bright, pronounced “italyanskoi”, is a reliable and valuable partner. And I’m really glad that the framework agreement will be signed between the Museum and the Uffizi gallery, the most visited Museum of Italy”, – quotes words of the Ambassador of Italy , RIA “Novosti”.

In 1989, the Museum exhibited “Donna Velata” by Raphael Santi from the collection of the Palatine gallery. In 2004, the painting was again brought to Moscow in the framework of the exhibition “Italy – Russia”. In 2011, the Museum. Pushkin showed the “Lady with the unicorn” from the Borghese gallery in Rome.

After the war the Museum was one of the key paintings of the artist – “the Sistine Madonna”, which among other paintings in the Dresden collection in 1955 was returned to the Soviet Union, the GDR.

In Russia there are two early paintings by Raphael, both in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The painting “Madonna and child (Madonna Conestabile)” was written by the artist in 1502-1504. The painting “Holy family (Madonna with beardless Joseph)” dates from the years 1505-1506.

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